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Car parts for INFINITI

INFINITI OE spare parts catalog

Are you looking for spare parts for your INFINITI? Then you have come to the right place!

Car parts Q50
manufactured from 04/2013
Car spare parts Q30
manufactured from 11/2015
Vehicle spare parts FX
manufactured from 09/2002
Automobile Spares QX70
manufactured from 08/2013
Replacement parts INFINITI Q70
manufactured from 03/2013
Car parts INFINITI G
manufactured from 09/2002
Automobile Spares M
manufactured from 03/2010
Auto parts INFINITI EX
manufactured from 09/2007
Car spare parts INFINITI QX30
manufactured from 04/2016
Replacement parts M35
manufactured from 01/2005
Vehicle spare parts INFINITI QX56
manufactured from 09/2003
Auto parts QX50
manufactured from 08/2013
Car spare parts INFINITI Q60
manufactured from 10/2013
Car parts QX80
manufactured from 09/2013
Car spare parts M37
manufactured from 01/2011
Car parts INFINITI Q45
manufactured from 01/1989
Car spare parts QX4
manufactured from 01/1997
Replacement parts I30
manufactured from 01/1997
Auto parts INFINITI JX
manufactured from 09/2012
Car spare parts INFINITI QX60
manufactured from 04/2012
INFINITI Car parts

Car parts for INFINITI

Infiniti is a marque of Japanese premium cars which belongs to the Nissan Motor company. The official date of the establishment of the brand is 1989, however, the development of the first project had started a few years earlier when the Nissan company management decided to make a car that could give tough competition to the models from Lexus and Acura which were popular in the USA at that time. At present, Infiniti vehicles are sold in more than 50 countries of the world, they are assembled in Japan, China, Great Britain and the USA. It should be noted that this brand name is not used in the Japanese market, all the cars are supplied under the Nissan brand.

The Infiniti vehicles

Almost all vehicles of the marque are based on Nissan cars, only the QX30 crossover and the Q30 hatchback are built on the Mercedes-Benz A-Class platform. Actually, original Infiniti parts are also made at Nissan plants.

The model range of the marque is presented both by passenger cars intended for driving on motorways at high speed and also vehicles with high off-road performance. The available body styles are crossovers, five-door hatchbacks, saloons, coupe, SUVs and convertibles.

Advantages of the Infiniti vehicles

  • Excellent steerability. The VDC system distributes the power among the car vehicles efficiently, preventing understeer and oversteer when manoeuvring. The thoroughly thought shape of the body improves the stability of the car when driving at high speed.
  • Ergonomic and comfortable cabin. The favourable microclimate inside the car is provided with the help of the Advanced Climate Control system with the Plasmacluster innovative technology of air purification, which eliminates unpleasant odours and filters air from bacteria and mould spores. Cabin filter with special impregnation based on the grapeseed oil eliminates up to 99.5% allergens. The Welcome Lighting system adjusts the lighting inside the car and around it automatically as you approach the vehicle. Seats that can be adjusted in 8 directions make even long distance travelling comfortably.
  • Safety. The AFS adaptive Front-light system adjusts the light beam depending on the wheel turning angle reducing the risk of an accident at night-time. The around view monitor prevents collisions in parking lots. The intelligent cruise control system, laser scanning and lane control system help drivers in difficult situations.

The best Infiniti parts

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