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Vehicle spare parts SEAT IBIZA
IBIZA FROM 06.1984
Vehicle spare parts SEAT LEON
LEON FROM 11.1999
Car spares SEAT AROSA
AROSA FROM 05.1997
Auto parts SEAT ALTEA
ALTEA FROM 03.2004
Automotive parts SEAT ALHAMBRA
Car spare parts SEAT MARBELLA
Automotive parts SEAT INCA
INCA FROM 11.1995
Auto parts SEAT 124
124 FROM 01.1968
Car spare parts SEAT 133
133 FROM 05.1974
Vehicle spare parts SEAT 600 D
600 D FROM 09.1963
Car spares SEAT TERRA
TERRA FROM 01.1987
Replacement parts SEAT 132
132 FROM 01.1973
Automobile Spares SEAT PANDA
PANDA FROM 10.1980
Car spares SEAT RONDA
RONDA FROM 06.1982
Vehicle spare parts SEAT RITMO
RITMO FROM 07.1978
Car spares SEAT 127
127 FROM 04.1972
Car spares SEAT MALAGA
Automobile Spares SEAT FURA
FURA FROM 01.1982
Car parts SEAT 850
850 FROM 01.1966
Car parts SEAT 131
131 FROM 05.1975
Vehicle spare parts SEAT 128
128 FROM 01.1976
Car spare parts SEAT EXEO
EXEO FROM 12.2008
Car spare parts SEAT Mii
Mii FROM 10.2011
Replacement parts SEAT ATECA
ATECA FROM 04.2016
Replacement parts SEAT ARONA
ARONA FROM 07.2017
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Car parts for SEAT

A Spanish car manufacturer SEAT, with headquarters in Barcelona is now a part of the Volkswagen AG corporation.


The Spanish company, created on the initiative of the National Institute of Industry in 1950, released its first car in 1953, and four years later SEAT introduced to the public Model SEAT 600, which for several decades was the best-selling and popular car in Spain.

Having achieved success in the domestic market, SEAT has decided to expand production for the development of new market territories. It managed to reach the goal by 1965, when the brand products were exported for the first time.

In the European manufacturers of passenger cars ranking in 1974, SEAT became the eighth by the number of vehicles produced. During this period thirty years collaboration with FIAT has ended, and the manufacturer is continuing its activities in cooperation with the Volkswagen corporation.

Today the SEAT product range consists of cars in a variety of body styles - sedans, station wagons, crossovers and hatchbacks. Sports cars of the brand demonstrate excellent results in world competitions.

Top 5 SEAT Models

  1. SEAT RONDA (022A) 1.2
  2. SEAT RONDA (022A) 1.4
  3. SEAT RONDA (022A) 1.5
  4. SEAT RONDA (022A) 1.6
  5. SEAT RONDA (022A) 1.7 Diesel

SEAT Advantages

  • excellent dynamic performance;
  • good handling;
  • unique exterior;
  • cost-effectiveness;
  • reliable transmission;
  • easy maintenance.

The equipment of the latest generation of SEAT includes climate control Climatronic, on-board computer, central locking system, power windows and a multimedia system.

Best SEAT for auto parts

Often, a repair or a scheduled car maintenance requires installing new components. Original spare parts for SEAT will quickly resolve any problems and prevent their recurrence.

You can buy auto parts for SEAT on our website: reasonable prices, a wide variety of items for the entire SEAT range, quality and reliability of components - all this will extend the life of your car and protect it from damage. Cooperating with us, you save time, because all the questions on the repair and maintenance of cars are quickly answered by competent professionals.

Buy from us, and your SEAT’s repair will be fast, inexpensive, high quality and reliable!

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