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Car parts for DACIA

DACIA OE spare parts catalog

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Car parts SANDERO
manufactured from 06/2008
Auto parts DUSTER
manufactured from 04/2010
Car spare parts DACIA LOGAN
manufactured from 09/2004
Vehicle spare parts LODGY
manufactured from 03/2012
Automobile Spares DOKKER
manufactured from 11/2012
Car spare parts 1300
manufactured from 12/1972
Car spare parts DACIA SOLENZA
manufactured from 02/2003
Replacement parts DACIA 1310
manufactured from 05/1983
Automobile Spares 1100
manufactured from 09/1967
Car spare parts DACIA 1410
manufactured from 06/1994
Vehicle spare parts PICK UP
manufactured from 09/1989
DACIA Car parts

Car parts for DACIA

Under the Romanian brand Dacia, a part of the Renault group, almost all passenger models of the French giant are produced. Dacia cars are characterized by low price and ease of maintenance.

Dacia cars

The brand inherited its name from Dacia ethnonym, which in ancient times was used to refer to the territory of present-day Romania. The first car under this name was released at a plant, established with the assistance of the Renault group in 1967.

Initially, the Romanian company planned to establish production of French cars under license. But then Dacia separated from Renault and launched their own car, a sedan Nova with a transverse engine. The car could reach speeds of up to 160 km/h.

In 1999 Dacia came under the control of Renault, becoming its subsidiary. The merger was marked by the release of the model Dacia Logan, which became the most successful project of the Romanian brand.

Throughout its history, this brand has produced cars with different bodies. Limousine, coupe and convertible were unveiled as concept cars at various times. Today, the model range of Dacia has sedans, three-door and five-door hatchbacks, estate cars, pickup trucks, minivans and compact crossovers.

Dacia Advantages

  • a high level of maintainability;
  • efficient and reliable transmission;
  • excellent manoeuvrability and handling;
  • reliable engine;
  • high ground clearance;
  • low price and availability of spare parts;
  • fuel efficiency.

Cars produced by Dacia belong to the low-cost segment. But this does not mean that the manufacturer has decided to save money on safety. Quite the contrary: in the models of the latest generations the bodywork and doors have been greatly strengthened using ribs and other reinforcements.

Best Dacia auto parts

As a rule, cheap cars are used in conditions close to extreme. This leads to the fact that the low-cost Dacia models fail more often and require attention from the vehicle owner.

Cars of this brand are in great demand, so buying spare parts for Dacia quite easy. But we, in addition to a large range of products, ensure due care and high-quality service.

Our site offers high-quality spare parts for Dacia, a large selection of consumables and prompt delivery. Our employees will help you not to get lost in the variety of parts and tell about the discounts and offers that help you save!

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