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MINI Car parts

Car parts for MINI

Mini is a British brand of small cars, which is now owned by BMW. Vehicles are very popular. This can be proved by the fact that Mini was recognized as the second-most influential car of the 20th century according to the results of the “Car of the Century” award. The leading position Mini conceded to the Ford T car.

Mini cars

The Suez crisis, which began in 1956, had a negative impact on the UK: the sales of gasoline were reduced. In this regard, the head of British Motor Corporation set the task to develop a compact economy car to a team of engineers led by designer Alec Issigonis. Being small in size, the car had to accommodate three adult passengers, a driver and luggage.

2.5 years of development led to the emergence of the Mini brand. Sales of the car, the launch of which was expected in the whole world, began in 1959. The cars were presented simultaneously in the markets of almost 100 countries. In 1961, thanks to John Cooper - the "Formula 1" team designer - the Mini model got a powerful powertrain, disc brakes and a proprietary two-tone coloring. The modification was named Mini Cooper. The Mini Cooper S model, equipped with an engine of greater power, has become a legend of motor sport.

After the Mini brand was bought by the BMW company, the German developers updated the model. A new car has become more powerful and more comfortable, while maintaining easily recognizable Mini design. Combining those qualities, a new car managed to win the affection of the world in a short time.

Some people believe that for a few decades the Mini model was produced only in a three-door hatchback body. However, the Mini lineup is also represented by estate cars, pickup trucks, vans and beach cars.

Mini Advantages

  • good driving performance and acceleration dynamics;
  • high level of steerability and maneuverability;
  • efficient engines;
  • recognizable design of body made of high-strength components;
  • increased high-speed stability;
  • reliable brakes;
  • comfortable interior.

Despite its small size, Mini brand cars have a high level of safety: standard equipment includes six airbags, anti-lock braking and traction control systems.

Best Mini Parts

Modern Mini cars are characterized by excellent quality, which is inherent in all BMW cars. However, even highly reliable vehicles need regular replacement of consumables and maintenance.

In our online store you can buy spare parts for Mini simply and fast. Helpdesk staff will help find the right spare parts for your Mini. Acceptable cost of products and a flexible discount system allow to repair the car with minimal effort.

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