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Car parts for LEXUS

Lexus is a car brand known worldwide, the personification of style and quality. The Lexus company is a division of the Japanese corporation Toyota Motor. Its premium cars at first were intended for the North American market, now they can be purchased in more than 70 countries.

Lexus cars

Compared with many renowned automotive brands of century-old existence, Lexus has a modest biography. Yet unnamed company was founded in August 1983 as a result of the Toyota corporation's responsiveness to an increasing competition in the segment of luxury cars. A new division of Toyota has achieved its mission to create a passenger car of the premium class, exceeding their counterparts in all aspects.

The first model - Lexus LS 400 - was constructed in 1985, but was presented to the public only 4 years later, after numerous and extensive test drives. A year later the US media proclaimed the Lexus LS 400 the best car ever imported into the United States.

The brand popularity has grown with lightning speed, first US and Canada were charmed, and then the whole world. Lexus cars are renowned for luxury and complete reliability. According to recent research published in the American magazine Consumer Reports, it is Lexus that is recognized as the most reliable car in 2015.

Today, the Lexus lineup is represented by a wide range of exclusive cars - sedans, station wagons, coupes, hatchbacks and convertibles.

Lexus Advantages

  • soft suspension;
  • spacious interior;
  • powerful engine;
  • excellent work of electronics;
  • high off-road performance;
  • economical fuel usage;
  • striking body design;
  • good sound insulation;
  • reliable braking system.

In addition to the rich and diverse standard equipment, Lexus cars have different options such as overhead monitor, separate DVD-players for front and rear seat passengers. In addition, the front passenger seat has a massage function.

The best Lexus auto parts

Well-coordinated and reliable operation of all the vehicle systems is achieved by using only the highest quality components. You will find such spare parts for Lexus in our online store. You can easily acquire the necessary part for your model, and our smart search engine will help you to orient in our huge selection. If you are not well versed in the technical specifications, our on-line consultants are willing to respond to any of your questions.

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