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Spares MAZDA 323
323 FROM 01.1977
Spares MAZDA 626
626 FROM 09.1978
Spares MAZDA 6
6 FROM 06.2002
MX FROM 10.1987
Spares MAZDA 3
3 FROM 09.1999
Spares MAZDA 5
5 FROM 02.2005
Spares MAZDA 2
2 FROM 02.2003
DEMIO FROM 10.1996
MPV FROM 09.1988
XEDOS FROM 01.1992
RX FROM 09.1971
Spares MAZDA 121
121 FROM 03.1987
Spares MAZDA CX-7
CX-7 FROM 06.2006
B-SERIE FROM 09.1964
Spares MAZDA 929
929 FROM 09.1978
Spares MAZDA BT-50
BT-50 FROM 08.2006
Spares MAZDA CX-9
CX-9 FROM 01.2007
Spares MAZDA CX-5
CX-5 FROM 11.2011
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MAZDA Car parts

A Japanese company Mazda Motor Corporation manufactures cars under the Mazda brand that have gained popularity and recognition around the world. Mazda models are characterized by excellent design, functionality, and premium quality.

Mazda vehicles

A company Toyo Cork Kogyo, later known as Mazda Motor Corporation, was established in 1920 by Jujiro Matsuda. Initially the future auto giant was engaged in the manufacture of balsa wood products, but a few years later it was decided to enter into the automotive market. So the first vehicles of Toyo Cork Kogyo saw the light.

The company received its modern name in 1931. For a while it was engaged in the production of motorcycles and tricycles. Mazda worked for a long time on the creation of its first car - a four-seater coupe with a rear layout: a subcompact car appeared only in 1960. The model caught fancy of the public and was in great demand in Japan and worldwide.

Mazda cars have always been created in accordance with the requirements of the era. And now the company readily embodies truly innovative ideas in their cars. Each Mazda car perfectly combines modern technological solutions, impeccable taste, practicality and reliability.

Currently, the company has taken the passenger car segment. The Mazda lineup is presented by sedans, hatchbacks and estate cars, coupes and convertibles, crossovers and SUVs.

TOP-5 Mazda models

  1. MAZDA XEDOS 6 (CA) 2.0 V6
  2. MAZDA XEDOS 6 (CA) 1.6 16V
  3. MAZDA XEDOS 6 (CA) 2.0 V6
  4. MAZDA XEDOS 6 (CA) 1.6 16V
  5. MAZDA XEDOS 6 (CA) 1.8

Mazda Advantages

  • beautiful design;
  • spacious interior;
  • large volume of the luggage compartment;
  • perfect quality sound insulation;
  • good handling characteristics;
  • durability of parts and components;
  • excellent maneuverability;
  • reliability.

The manufacturers have paid much attention to improve the comfort and safety of both driver and passengers in the latest Mazda models. There are options, embodying the latest technological advances: Adaptive Lighting with LEDs, electric parking brake, a multimedia system Mazda Connect. Using electronic equipment (LKA and BSM systems) the vehicle location relative to road marking and monitoring of blind spots is controlled, and braking in the city becomes safer thanks to SCBS.

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