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OPEL Car parts

Car parts for OPEL

The famous car brand Opel is owned by the German company Adam Opel AG, and is one of the leading brands in the global automotive industry. Cars of the brand have gained worldwide popularity thanks to their unique style and excellent quality.

Opel cars

The company's founder is Adam Opel, who set up a factory in 1863. Initially, the company was engaged in the production of sewing machines. But by the end of the nineteenth century, the first Opel cars were presented to the public. However, the vehicles released in 1899 were not an Opel independent project, the company worked on their development with Lutzmann and Darracq brands. Adam Opel’s company released its first car in 1902. It was equipped with a two-cylinder engine with water pump, capable of accelerating the car up to 45 km/h.

After some time, the company began to produce more high-end vehicles. In 1906 the number of vehicles produced under the Opel brand stepped over a thousand. And this happened at a time when some of the current automotive market leaders had not yet started their work!

Currently, the Opel lineup consists of passenger cars and minibuses. The available bodies are saloons, hatchbacks, estate cars, coupes, multi-purpose vehicles, SUVs, crossovers and pickup trucks.

Opel Advantages

  • unique style;
  • excellent dynamic performance;
  • good performance, maneuverability and steerability;
  • high-quality parts and components;
  • comfortable and practical interior;
  • excellent performance of passive and active safety.

Modern Opel models are equipped in accordance with the latest technology. The manufacturer has taken care of the driver and passengers’ safety and comfort, equipping the cars with system AFL+ with automatic light control, intelligent all-wheel drive as well as LDW system, able to instantly recognize traffic signs.

Most Opel auto parts

At our online store we sell only original parts for Opel. Finding the right part is easy thanks to a convenient catalog, and a vast selection of consumables and spare parts for the whole Opel model range allows you to purchase just about anything that you want to repair your car.

If you are not sure of your choice, before buying parts for Opel, consult with the customer support specialists of the store. Our tech support team has only competent professionals, who perfectly understand the Opel car brand. They will advise the most suitable part and help to avoid possible mistakes in the choice of accessories.

Our staff is working smoothly and responsibly, which will let you efficiently and without delay repair your car. Another advantage that we offer is a favorable price for all goods. Cooperating with us, you will be able to reduce repair costs to a minimum!

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