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Car parts for MG

MG is an English automotive brand now owned by the Chinese concern Nanjing Automobile Group. The company is widely known for its sports and stock cars.

MG Cars

MG is not only style and quality, but also the famous British tradition. No wonder that cars of this company at all times have enjoyed the love of the royal family.

In the early twentieth century in the British Oxford a successful dealership Morris Garage flourished, selling cars. In 1923, its manager Cecil Kimber decided to organize his own production of cars, opting for sports models. In 1927 the most famous member of the MG family saw the light - a classic two-seater roadster MG Midget.

The recent history of MG is a sequence of repeated mergers with larger and wealthier corporations. From 1990 to 2000, the MG company was owned by the BMW concern, then the Germans combined it with the Rover company, also being in their property, and in 2005 they sold MG to the Chinese group Nanjing Automobile. MG Car production was first resumed at the factories in China, and then returned to England.

Over the past few years, initially more than a modest range of MG has increased significantly. The company now manufactures sedans, station wagons, hatchbacks, SUVs, coupes, convertibles as well as vans and minibuses.

Advantages of MG cars

  • low fuel consumption;
  • recognizable striking body design;
  • reliability and safety of the vehicle;
  • a comfortable passenger compartment;
  • enhanced cornering stability;
  • guaranteed quality of components;
  • excellent acceleration dynamics.

Even the standard equipment of modern MG models includes on-board computer, climate control, power steering, heated rear window, as well as complex systems ensuring the safety of the vehicle.

Best MG auto parts

Bright and dynamic MG testifies to the character strength and refined taste of its owner. The impressive speed characteristics, technology and, of course, impeccable style of MG company production has charmedred a lot of motorists worldwide. If you are one of them, then we are happy to offer spare parts for MG of the highest quality.

Not every online store offers this range of consumables and spare parts for cars of the British brand like ours. Buying spare parts for MG with us is very simple: an intelligent search engine and experienced support service staff will minimize the time of your searches. Our prices and flexible system of discounts will also become a pleasant surprise for you.

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