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Rear and front engine mount for my car

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Replace a Spare part Engine mount – a defective one or if the limit of use has been already reached. Find out useful information about Engine mount

Faults of engine mounting

  • mechanical damage of the mounting;
  • loss of the part elasticity;
  • cracking, peeling of the mounting;
  • Corrosion of the mounting by leaked oil, antifreeze.

Symptoms of Motor mount faults

  • car body vibrates excessively even at idle;
  • when you start the engine there is clicking or knocking;
  • steering wheel vibrates and twitches;
  • the gear shift is difficult and is accompanied by strange sounds;
  • when driving on uneven road surfaces a kickback appears in the gear lever;
  • there is no gap between the engine body and the mountings;
  • visible mechanical damage to the mountings.

Causes of engine mounting faults

  • high load on mountings;
  • ambient temperature changes;
  • poor quality of the road surface;
  • extreme driving;
  • accident;
  • delayed diagnosis and replacement of consumables.


Wear of mountings results in an increased load on the engine that will soon turn to malfunction. It is therefore important to control their state.

Mountings can be checked on a special stand, as well as with one’s own efforts. Not all mountings can be inspected, simply by opening the hood, so it's best to drive the car on a service pit. Serious mechanical damage and ruptures of rubber parts will be immediately noticeable. Also check whether oil, gas, mud get on the mountings, check the bolts.

It is estimated that the average engine mounting life is 50-80 thousand kilometers, but its fastening is much more likely to break.

Repair and replacement of Motor mount

Failed mounting is to be replaced immediately. This procedure can be entrusted to a service center, but you can cope on your own. The work should be performed in a warm room for the rubber part to be not stiff.

The procedure for replacing the mounting varies depending on its location. Most often the left mounting fails. To replace it you need to:

  1. Bring the car to a service pit.
  2. Disconnect the battery to avoid short circuit.
  3. Remove protection cover from the engine.
  4. Raise it with a jack.
  5. Holding the gear box, unscrew the mounting fastenings to the engine and the side member.
  6. Replace the worn-out detail with the new one.
  7. Assemble in reverse order.

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