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Replace a Spare part Oil Sump (Oil Pan) – a defective one or if the limit of use has been already reached. Find out useful information about Oil Sump (Oil Pan)

This car part is a kind of a "trough" through which oil flows to the details. In its turn, the crankshaft takes oil and directs it to the moving parts of the car. Because of the oil lack and when driving with low oil, especially in problem conditions, the bearings can fail. Therefore, it is very important the oil to remain in the pan. And this does not depend on the nearness of the rotating components. An optimally designed construction of the pan becomes an essential question.

For this purpose, when creating an effective way of oil from the crankshaft, the designers deepen and lengthen the oil sump tube. But this construction is good only for those cars that drive in ideal conditions. If the car drives on bad roads, this design will not work. The most common damage is the oil sump punching when driving into a hole or over a foreign object. It becomes visible at once as you will see oil leaking under the vehicle. In some cases the oil pan can be welded. But if it is badly damaged, it is necessary completely to change the part, as this can cause serious damage to other car parts.

What car owner should not do is to order oil pan in the same service station, where he comes to repair his vehicle. It may be twice or more expensive. But the delivery of a crankcase, dust protection set or fixed roller can take several weeks. In this case you can only rely on online shops. First, the cost of car parts in the Internet is cheaper due to low maintenance cost of the store. Second, you will get the ordered part in a few working days.

Oil Sump (Oil Pan) for AUDI A3 (8L1), AUDI A4 Avant (8D5, B5), SMART FORTWO Coupe (450)

Faults of engine oil pan
  • mechanical damage of the oil pan;
  • deformation of the pan;
  • damage of the oil pan mounts;
  • worn or damaged oil pan gasket;
  • corrosion.
Symptoms of oil pan faults
  • oil stains under the crankcase of the engine at idle;
  • visible oil pan damage.
Causes of oil pan faults
  • improper use;
  • damage due to accidents;
  • too long operation of gaskets;
  • the system leakage;
  • long-term use in high humidity conditions.

Visual analysis is sufficient to determine the oil pan faults. In case of visible damage (dents, cracks, shape changes) it is necessary to replace the part. If you find oil leakage, it is necessary to restore the lubricant level in the system and solve the problem immediately.

You can diagnose and make conclusions about the faults with no special skills or tools. This part is an all-metal, so it does not have special requirements for the diagnosis.

Replacing the oil pan

Repair of the oil pan is held exclusively in case of system leakage. In this case it is necessary to replace the gasket or restore the tightness with sealant. In case of mechanical damage to the oil pan, only installation of a new part is required, repair in this case is irrelevant.

Replacing the oil pan requires the involvement of several people, as well as the presence of special skills and tools. First the vehicle needs to be raised with the help of the lift. Next the oil is poured off and the crankcase fixing is unscrewed. If tightness is provided by sealant, rather than gasket it is necessary to completely clear the body of its tracks, and re-apply sealant to the contact place of the main bearing cap and the cylinder block, as well as the connection of the oil pump and the engine block.

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