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Replace a Spare part Engine Block (Cylinder Block) – a defective one or if the limit of use has been already reached. Find out useful information about Engine Block (Cylinder Block)

The cylinder block is the most important part of the car engine, which is the basis of the entire motor. If the block fails, there are both technical and legal problems, as this car part is numbered and its data is indicated in the registration documents. There many causes of problems with cylinder blocks. One of them is deep scorings on the surface of the cylinder. As a rule, the reason for this is weakening of piston pin planting or malfunction of its fixation, engine overheating. This provokes destruction of the pistons as well as ingress of foreign objects into the cylinders of the engine.

Another problem can be scratches on the surface of the cylinder. This may result in faulty piston rings or connectors between the grooves under the piston rings, engine overheating and engine with a damaged or missing air filter. To prevent these problems, you should verify the installation of the ignition system and to use gasoline with a prescribed octane number. It is also necessary to check the cooling system. If the reason is in the destruction of the threads in the mounting holes, caused by the improper bolts tightening, car owner should ream holes and cut the thread of a larger diameter. To repair this kind of defect it is also possible to install threaded bushings.

Of course, due to the characteristics of this essential car part, problems can arise because of other worn-out automobile parts. In questions of installation issues and repair you can rely on the workers of repair shops. But do not rely on them when buying the necessary car parts, whether a water pump washer or a set of bellows. Only our online shop can guarantee you the best price and fast delivery of car parts. If you want to certain of this, just look at our catalogue, where you can find a wide assortment of car parts.

Engine Block (Cylinder Block) for VW GOLF I Cabriolet (155), VW GOLF IV (1J1),

Faults of crankcase
  • scuffs and scratches on the crankcase surface;
  • the cylinders surface wear;
  • cracks and spalling;
  • damage and destruction of the thread and fastening holes.
Symptoms of crankcase failure
  • a significant loss of engine power;
  • no ignition;
  • the car does not develop the speed limit;
  • engine wobble;
  • disruptions in the engine cycle in all operating modes;
  • spontaneous engine stop at idle and low speeds.
Causes of crankcase faults
  • improper fixation of the piston pin;
  • excessive engine overheating;
  • dirt and foreign matter ingress into the engine cylinders;
  • damage and destruction of the pistons;
  • fault of piston ring lands;
  • failure of the fuel supply system;
  • malfunction of the ignition system;
  • contamination of the cylinder block;
  • use of low-quality fuels and lubricants;
  • incorrect tightening of the cylinder head;
  • deformation due to a crash or an accident.

First you need to check the engine with the help of computer diagnostics. It is required to assess the correctness of the engine cycles, as well as the state of the pistons.

For more in-depth diagnosis, the part must be completely removed. This is one of the most difficult and time-consuming repairs that a car requires, so it is not recommended to do out of service stations.

After complete disassembly and removal of the cylinder head and the pistons, the crankcase is checked for internal damage.

The cylinder block has no definite lifespan. Its life often lasts the entire lifetime of the car. However, in case of incorrect operation of the engine and ingress of foreign objects into the crankcase, it may need to be replaced. The use of low-quality fuel and engine oil may cause clogging of the engine block.

Repair and replacement of the crankcase

Repair is relevant only when the unit is clogged (the most common fault) in the absence of mechanical damage. After removing the cylinder crankcase and dismantling of the internal system its scavenging is held. Internal cleaning is often performed by sandblasting.

Replacing the crankcase is carried out in the presence of any external or internal damage and wear of the part components. The cost of the unit will not make you happy, so do not bring the situation so far.

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