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Replace a Spare part Oil Dipstick – a defective one or if the limit of use has been already reached. Find out useful information about Oil Dipstick

Oil level indicator (oil dipstick) is used to determine the oil level in expansion tank. As a rule, these are devices with a dial plate or a plain glass tube, which operates on the principle of connected vessels, installed directly on the expansion tank of the car. The pointer indicating the oil level is located on the outer side of the expansion tank.

Every car owner should know that the engine oil level should be checked after 400 kilometers. Low oil level leads to a slipping or loss of torque transmission. Overflow can cause foaming and this will cause damage to the gearbox. If the car was driving at high speed for a long time, was operating in city mode in hot weather or towing a trailer, you can not accurately determine the amount of oil in the automatic gearbox. Before checking the oil level it is necessary to wait for some time after stopping the engine. And only then you can extract the oil level indicator, the pointer of which should be between the marks "max" and "min. After you clean the pointer, sink it in and take back. If the oil level is below normal, pour it in small portions to the "max" tick which is drawn on the indicator. If the oil level has fallen to the level of «MIN», you need to pour a liter of oil, and then close the filler cap. Do not pour oil above «max» tick.

You can buy oil level indicator in our online store at a very affordable price. It will not take a lot of time until you get your order, because we have very short delivery terms. You can also purchase other car parts, such as interior filter, a set of bellows, expansion valve and the cylinder head bolts.

Oil Dipstick for AUDI A3 (8L1), VW PASSAT Variant (3B5), MERCEDES-BENZ M-CLASS (W163)

Faults of the oil depth gauge
  • damage to wires;
  • adjustable resistor breakage;
  • failure of a receiver.
Symptoms of oil depth gauge faults
  • twitches and jumps of the pointer;
  • uncaused switching of oil reserve lamp;
  • lack of the pointer movement with the ignition on and engine running;
  • uncaused pointer "fall";
  • the pointer is always at the beginning or end of the scale.
Causes of the oil depth gauge faults
  • lack of power;
  • oxidation of tips;
  • wire break;
  • mechanical damage;
  • contact problems;
  • leakage of the float;
  • no connection of indicator with earth;
  • bus interruption or resistor winding;
  • bus or connection wires circuiting;
  • incorrect installation of the float stroke limiter.

The indicator efficiency can be checked by measuring the resistance between the sensor terminals. In good condition resistance varies between 5 and 30 ohms. To diagnose an oil depth gauge, a special device is used. You must install a sensor on the device cover, connect its body with earth, and outlet with the circuit wire. Then you need to set the lever to the scale lock, set the angles. Indicators define the error, which must be within the permissible limits.

Repair and replacement of the oil depth gauge

Repair of the oil level indicator is produced by replacing the sensor, the float. If the wiring is damaged you need to restore connections. Also, the repair can be made by turning down the contact. In most cases of damage to the device it must be replaced. To do this, drain the oil. With spanners unscrew the faulty sensor, install a new device, pour new oil.

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