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Replace a Spare part Cylinder Head Bolts – a defective one or if the limit of use has been already reached. Find out useful information about Cylinder Head Bolts

A tight connection between the cylinder head and block is guaranteed only by a good tightening of bolts. This process must be ensured for a long period of time. If the cylinder head bolts are tightened just according to the instructions, but you think they are still loose, it is necessary to tighten them. Not only bolt stretching is important. It is also important constantly to oil the bolt, as there is a significant difference between dry and oiled components operation.

When installing the cylinder head bolts it is necessary to clean and oil them. After this it is necessary to screw the bolts to the maximum, to install the gasket and head and to tighten the bolts with the spanner. It should be noted that the oiling makers recommend screwing the bolts with a torque for 20 percent less than it is indicated in the technical documentation to compensate friction. Too oiled bolt can strongly warp. Using oil, you will have no problems when tightening the bolts. And in the future you will be able to unscrew these details without any problems.

If you have ever disassembled the engine of your car, you have probably heard a rough click when unscrewing the bolts. After this you will definitely need new parts. Do not forget that problems with head bolts can result in problems with other car details. For example, because of water leakage, strings of bolts can be damaged. To replace head bolts it is better to use new ones. Do not think that it is a problem to buy new head bolts. If you purchase them not in specialty stores or repair shops, but in online stores, their cost will be low enough, as the cost of bearing damper or throttle position sensor. Ordering in our online store, you will get the best delivery conditions and client support.

Malfunctions of the cylinder head bolts
  • offset thread;
  • breakage of the bolt;
  • damage to the bolt slot.
Symptoms of the cylinder head bolts failure
  • noises when the engine works;
  • engine vibration at high speeds;
  • system depressurization.
Causes of cylinder head bolts faults
  • use of improper fasteners;
  • use of low-quality lubricants;
  • use of damaged bolts;
  • wrong order of tightening fasteners;
  • insufficient or excessive fastening torque.

It is important that the cylinder head bolts are in perfect condition. The load on the fasteners can be up to 5,000 kg at maximum engine speeds. Make sure that the threads of bolts and brackets are clean. Dirt and even very small foreign objects can cause the destruction of the cylinder head.

We recommend to grease the bolt threads with oil of low viscosity. Use of high-viscosity oils may cause jamming of the bolt.

Using a torque wrench you need to check torque of the screws. It depends on the materials of the cylinder head, and engine type. The default value is 17-21 Nm, but you should check the exact value in the technical documentation of the vehicle.

Check of the cylinder head fastening is necessary in the case of a malfunction. With careful operation bolts can serve not less than 200,000 kilometers.

Replacing the cylinder head bolts

Repair of the cylinder head bolts is not carried out. At the slightest damage to the mounts you need to install new parts. It is recommended to replace all the bolts to avoid imbalance in the loads.

It is strictly forbidden to cut the thread on the bolt. This can cause jamming and damage to their slots. In this case it is necessary to completely replace the cylinder head.

You must tighten the bolts of the cylinder head in a precisely defined order starting from the edges to the center. Tightening is carried out in three stages in order to avoid gasket deformation and displacement of the head, as well as provide complete system integrity.

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