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Replace a Spare part Oil Pump – a defective one or if the limit of use has been already reached. Find out useful information about Oil Pump

Oil pump provides oil circulation in the engine lubricating system. It is mounted on a block-crankcase or on the cover of the main crankshaft bearing. There are one and two section pumps. In the two section pump there are main and radiator sections divided by a spacer. In general, the structure of the oil pump is quite complex. It consists of oil receiver, housing, cover and two toothed wheels. The pump housing is equipped with two cylindrical wells to install gear wheels. Drive gear is attached to the pump shaft, based on the sleeve. The sleeves are pressed into the pump housing and pump cover. Driven gear engages with the drive gear and freely rotates on the pin. Gear teeth drive oil from the inlet housing to the forcing one.

In the oil pump case there is a lobe, where the relief valve is installed to prevent excessive pressure created when starting a cold engine. In cars oil pump drive is carried by a camshaft or a crankshaft. When speaking about operation, oil pumps are divided into non-regulated, which maintain a constant pressure due to a relief valve, and adjustable, which ensures a constant pressure change in pump performance.

Pressure drop in the system may be caused by oil pump wear. Such failures can even be heard as the pump starts to make noise when working. To find out what exactly was subjected to wear, you need to remove the pump from the engine and to disassemble it. It is worth remembering that before disassembling it, you should check the relief valve: valve parts, spring, ball, valve spring cap the. They can cause oil pressure fluctuations. In this case you need to replace these car parts with new. In majority of cases oil pump is not repaired, but replaced with a new one. If you need a new oil, fuel or water pump, you can always find the right spare part in our online shop. You will save not only your money, but also time necessary to travel all the car shops.

Oil Pump for AUDI 100 (44, 44Q, C3), MERCEDES-BENZ E-CLASS (W211), ALFA ROMEO SPIDER (115)

Malfunctions of the oil pump
  • clogged oil pump suction manifold;
  • assembly elements wear;
  • pressure relief valve failure;
  • wear or damage to the body;
  • damage to the gears.
Symptoms of oil pump failure
  • oil starvation of parts;
  • pressure loss;
  • excessively high level of oil consumption;
  • overheating of engine parts;
  • low pressure in the lubrication system.
Causes of the oil pump faults
  • contaminated oil sump;
  • extreme driving;
  • spring wear;
  • incorrect installation;
  • insufficient level of oil in the crankcase;
  • contamination of intake;
  • antifreeze getting into the oil;
  • depressurization of control signal line;
  • use of low-quality oil;
  • improper adjustment of the valve.

Checking the oil level should be carried out every month. Diagnosis should begin with the examination of the pump sprocket. It should have no mechanical damage, wear signs. It is necessary to remove the relief valve piston by unscrewing the bolts. Inspect the gears and the housing for damage. Then check the level of the spring deterioration, and degree of the filter contamination.

Repair of the oil pump

The oil pump is repairable for minor breakages. Dismantle the oil pump and assess the relief valve state. Clean the valve channels carefully and wash the item itself in gasoline, then grease it. When the case is clogged you should wash the suction manifold and the sump plate, drain the oil before it.

Replacement of the oil pump

Average maximum resource of the part is up to 150 thousand kilometers. At low pump efficiency it is appropriate to replace the item. To remove the oil pump it is necessary to remove the oil sump. Then unscrew the bolts of the pump, remove it, dismantle the pickup oil tube. Then you need to wash the sump, replace its gasket with a new one. Parts are installed in reverse order. It is necessary to fix the engine mountings and pour new oil.

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