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Replace a Spare part Rocker Cover (Valve Cover) – a defective one or if the limit of use has been already reached. Find out useful information about Rocker Cover (Valve Cover)

Camshaft Cover is one of the fixed parts of the engine. Connecting with the body, it closes the loading pattern. Together with the bottom of the piston and cylinder walls this part forms a combustion chamber and receives the gas pressure, which occurs during compression and combustion in the engine cylinder of the vehicle. Individual cover was used in multi-cylinder engines with a diameter of more than 200 millimetres. Now they are used on smaller engines. The main advantage of such cover is simplicity of manufacturing and using. It should be noted also that the type of the car engine, along with the number of valves per cylinder, the location of gas, air and coolant channels and many others define the design of the cover head.

So there is a large number of heads - modular, general for all cylinders or cylinder bank and individual per each cylinder, which is also called the valve cover. Moreover, cylinder head is one of the most heat-stressed parts of the car engine, because the heat flow in the cylinder seriously exceeds heat flow in the piston and the cylinder sleeve. Temperature drop and heat difference in the bottom of the lid, which is the most loaded element, affects the operation reliability of this car part.

When designing some car elements, it is necessary first to ensure their rigidity. Camshaft Cover is the car part of this type. Deformation of the bottom is because of the valve cover. If the cover is made of inflexible materials, the bottom and the shape of the holes for valves are preserved. If you still need to replace parts in your car, whether it is a dumper strut, window lifter or other car parts, get them in the online shop. Moreover, the prices for car parts in the Internet are always much lower than in other stores.

Rocker Cover (Valve Cover) for FIAT BRAVO I (182), AUDI A4 ALLROAD (8KH, B8), SUZUKI IGNIS II

Faults of the valve cover
  • deformation of the valve cover;
  • damage to the valve cover surface;
  • leakage of the Camshaft Cover;
  • wear and destruction of the valve cover gasket;
  • cracked seals of spark plug sleeves.
Symptoms of the Camshaft Cover failure
  • traces of oil on the spark plugs or spark plug sleeves;
  • crankcase fumes ventilation pollution;
  • engine wobble when idling;
  • air leak in injection system.
Causes of the valve cover faults
  • improper part installation;
  • exhaustion of the valve cover or gaskets service life;
  • errors in the selection of Camshaft Cover gasket;
  • excessive force when tightening the fastening bolts.
Repair of the valve cover

Repair of the valve cover usually includes gasket replacement. You can carry out this process both by yourself and in a service shop.

If you decide to replace the gasket byyourself, refer to the following procedure:

  1. Remove the bolts on the valve cover.
  2. Disconnect the ventilation pipe.
  3. Remove the Camshaft Cover.
  4. Remove the old gasket.
  5. Clean the gasket seat and the valve cover with a degreaser.
  6. Insert a new gasket.
  7. Treat gasket bends with sealant.

Valve cover gasket is recommended to replace on a regular basis: at each current repair or engine overhaul, dismantling the cylinder head, as well as maintenance.

Replacing the Camshaft Cover

You can try to replace the valve cover by yourself. However, in the case of uncertainty about your own skills as a mechanic, we recommend that you contact a service station: screwing the valve cover bolts you need to carefully monitor the torque, as excessive force when tightening will lead to new failures.

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