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Replace a Spare part Camshaft – a defective one or if the limit of use has been already reached. Find out useful information about Camshaft

Camshaft is the main component of the timing belt mechanism that is used to synchronize both intake and output strokes of its work. Today almost in all modern automobile engines the camshaft is located at the top of the cylinder head and is connected with a crankshaft sprocket, pulley chain or timing belt. This allows rotating with a frequency twice smaller than the previous location version allowed.

In older cars camshaft was located on the contrary at the bottom of the cylinder head. Camshaft is the brain of the car engine, which determines the nature of the engine operation, namely the rate of rise and duration of valves opening. Due to the fact that the number of cams matches the number of both inlet and exhaust valves of the automobile engines, individual cam opens the valve, runs the lever pusher, then "runs away" from it and the return spring closes the valve. There are several configurations of the engine cylinders: in line, which has one pair of valves per cylinder and one camshaft, V-shaped and opposite, which include one camshaft in the vee of the engine or two camshafts in half blocks.

As practice shows, the most serious problem with this car part is sticking of valves. The reason for this is the use of a low-quality fuel or different nature problems with valve springs. Also common causes of failure are dysfunction of the hydraulic compressors and expansion gap.

In case of failure of this mechanism the most optimal is to order a new part online. In addition to the cost of parts, which is significantly lower than in conventional stores or repair shops, another advantage of ordering online is a wide range of selection of spare parts for your car, such as brake discs or radiator.

Camshaft for VW GOLF III (1H1), BMW 7 (E32), MG MG TF

Faults of camshaft
  • worn or damaged camshaft pulley;
  • wear of a camshaft drive belt;
  • damage or wear of the camshaft cams;
  • bearing wear;
  • deformation of the cavity and the surface of the shaft;
  • wear of keyseats;
  • deterioration of journals;
  • wear of thread.
Symptoms of a camshaft fault
  • malfunction of the engine in all modes;
  • malfunctionviolation of timing;
  • malfunctiona significant decline in engine power;
  • malfunctionabnormal noise on the camshaft drive;
  • malfunctionshooting sound in the silencer;
  • malfunctiondips in the cycles of the cold engine;
  • malfunctionindications of fault on the instrument panel.
Causes of faulty camshaft
  • use of low-quality lubricants and fuels;
  • insufficient oil level in the system;
  • insufficient pressure in the lubricating system;
  • getting fuel into the lubricant;
  • frequent engine overheating;
  • excessive engine mileage;
  • damage to the drive parts;
  • the timing adjustment is not correct;
  • abnormal clearances in the valve mechanism.

Defects of the camshaft can be detected only at the stand with special equipment. The shaft is removed, and the thickness and the wear level of the cams is determined as well as the presence of deflections, deformations, cracks and other defects. Dismantling of the shaft is also carried out only at a service station. Independently, you can check related systems: lubrication, power, and the engine cooling that will provide indirect information on the camshaft state. The system diagnosis is recommended every 75 000-100 000 kilometers.

Repair of camshaft

It is worth noting that only the cams galling is subject to repair. It is corrected by electro-deposition of chromium. In this process the part cavities are filled with asbestos for protection. Chromium coating of the partis made to reduce wear and extend the life of its components. With that the allowed thickness of the journals’ backlash deflection is only 0.03 mm. The metal hardness may be in the range of HRC 26-60.

Replacing the camshaft

In the presence of camshaft cracks, excessive journals’ deflection, destruction or keyseats or seats only replacement is required. You can do it on your own, but it is better to entrust it to professionals. At the same time it is necessary to make the analysis of seals and the camshaft holder plate.

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