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Replace a Spare part Tappet (Hydraulic Lifter) – a defective one or if the limit of use has been already reached. Find out useful information about Tappet (Hydraulic Lifter)

Over the cams of the camshaft in the cylindrical guide ways, drilled in the block, there are placed tappet rods. They are inverted cylindrical cup shaped. Tappet head is set against the tappet rod. Tappet rods are removed and installed directly through the tappet box, which is closed with a pressed lid on the side of the block, side of the oil filter. When there is a defective gasket, cover of the tappet box is considered to be another source of oil leakage. Tappet rod consists of several components. Tappet head and rod are made of steel. The main defects are bent rods, wear of the spherical surface of the ends and the weakening of the fit on the rod.

Tappet rod must be without scorings or carburized case pitting on the work areas of the ends. Rod bending is checked with the help of a prism. If the rod slap exceeds 0.51 mm, it is necessary to adjust it. Spherical surface wear is checked with a probe. For the normal passage of grease through the cavities of the rod to the bearings of the rocker arms, ends of tappet rod have specially drilled oil feeds.

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Tappet (Hydraulic Lifter) for MERCEDES-BENZ SL (R129), VW GOLF IV (1J1), AUDI A6 (4B2, C5)

Faults of the push rod/protection tube
  • abrasion of the protection tube surface;
  • loosening of protection tube mounting;
  • mechanical damage to the push rod/protection tube;
  • push rod bending.
Symptoms of push rod/protection tube failure
  • traces of friction on the part;
  • uneven wear of protective tubes;
  • noticeable push rod deflection from the neighbor ones;
  • increasing the thermal gap in the valve mechanism;
  • sharp knock in the cylinder head area at ​​small and medium speed;
  • trouble starting the engine;
  • loss of engine power.
Causes of push rod/protection tube faults
  • increased shock and inertial loads;
  • increased friction;
  • gumming up of pushers internal cavity;
  • the length of the bar does not correspond to the height of the cylinder head;
  • normal wear of the protective tube.

When indirect signs of push rod/protection tube faults appear, we recommend that you contact a service center. Accurate part diagnosis requires special equipment. Push rod bending is determined by the indicator on the prism. Surface wear of the protection tube is checked by a probe, using the template.

Repair and replacement of push rod/protection tube

You can do repairs for minor push rod/protection tube faults. We recommend you to engage in the part repair only if you are strongly self-confident.

When serious problems occur, which lead to engine seizure, it is preferable to contact a service station. If the fault lies in the push rod malfunction, grinding or straightening the part will not help. Most likely the push rod/protection tube will need replacing. It is better to entrust professionals, because the replacement process is quite time consuming.

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