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Faults of an incandescent bulb

  • blown filaments;
  • too bright or dim light.

Symptoms of  incandescent bulbs failure

  • corresponding indicator lights up on the instrument panel;
  • no light from headlights or parking light.

Causes of incandescent bulbs failure

  • contact oxidation or loose ground wire;
  • overheating of the lamp;
  • low quality component;
  • reduction of battery electrolyte level;
  • short circuit or open circuit;
  • no contact to the bulb socket or wire connector panels;
  • disruptions in the operation of circuit breakers and switches;
  • incorrect installation of the lamp or the light.


If only one lamp is lit, you must take the test lamp and carry out an inspection. The appearance of light means the fault of the lamp itself: filament burnout, lack of contact in the socket or poor quality wiring. No light of the control lamp indicates disconnection of the socket central contact and the adapter.

If the whole lighting system does not work, it is likely that the fuse has blown. Before starting repair work you should determine the cause of burnout and eliminate short circuit.

In case of the dim glow of light bulbs you need to assess the reliability of the contact in the circuit, as well as to inspect the light. It should have no traces of moisture, dirt and damage of mechanical nature.

If some or all of the indicators on the instrument panel are off, it means that the lamps have burned out or the instrument panel light switch is broken.

Repair and replacement of incandescent bulbs

Most of the components in the vehicle lighting system can not be repaired. Light bulbs, fuses and switches are replaced. When problems are detected in the wiring harness you should reinforce wire ends and clean oxide from clamps. For the light to shine brighter, it is necessary to reconnect the circuit and clean the lenses from dirt.

The part replacement should be made only in gloves. You must also observe the additional safety precautions when replacing the part:

  • turn off the lights of the vehicle in order to avoid short circuit;
  • use only bulbs without damage and scratches, rated at 12 V;
  • replacement should start after complete item cooling;
  • you need to adjust the level of the headlights.

Xenon low beam headlights are under high voltage, so it is not safe to replace them by yourself. This procedure is performed at the service station.

Helpful tips on operation, causes of faults, troubleshooting, and service intervals