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Malfunction of the fuel system

  • lack of working pressure;
  • fuel pump failure;
  • leakage of the system;
  • contamination of the fuel injectors;
  • wear of elements;
  • damage to the injection system;
  • the presence of moisture and dirt in the fuel tank.

Symptoms of the fuel system failure

  • oil leakage;
  • the engine does not reach maximum capacity;
  • intermittent operation of the engine;
  • problems during engine start;
  • increase in fuel consumption;
  • unstable rpm, disturbancies at idle;
  • a distinct smell of fuel in the car.

Causes of fuel system malfunctions

  • use of low-quality fuel;
  • mechanical damage to fuel pipe, the gas tank;
  • worn-out condition of the seals;
  • clogged nozzles.


You should conduct a comprehensive diagnosis of the fuel system once a year. High-precision instruments and computer equipment is needed for it. Diagnosis begins with a check of the fuel pump using a pressure gauge, which is connected to the fuel supply tube. The scale of the pressure gauge must be greater than 6 bar. The tightness of the system is tested with a smoke generator. Then, using a set of adapters, the pressure regulator is checked. The wear level and performance of injectors is checked with testers. The tester must be connected to the injector, and then diagnose the injectors at different pulsation modes.

Repair and replacement of fuel system

Complete replacement of the fuel system is performed extremely rarely. In most cases the repair is reduced to replacing the part, that is out of order, as well as cleaning clogged components. The fuel system has many components, has a fairly complex structure, and therefore to replace parts you need special testing equipment. Repair usually involves the replacement of the fuel pump, the filter and the fuel tank. In case of contamination it is necessary to clean or replace the fuel filter. Removal of varnish gum residue is required for the injectors. It can be carried out in 2 ways:

  • cleaning using an ultrasonic bath;
  • washing with special liquid (a solvent).
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