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Replace a Spare part High Pressure Fuel Pump (Fuel Injection Pump) – a defective one or if the limit of use has been already reached. Find out useful information about High Pressure Fuel Pump (Fuel Injection Pump)

High-pressure fuel injection pump is designed for injecting fuel into cylinders of a diesel engine in the exact cycle moment and with specified pressure.

4 tips on fuel injection pump operation

  1. Annually perform fuel injection pump diagnostics with the help of a special stand. It is worth noting that the fuel injection pump is a very reliable part and its usual lifetime is over 100,000 operational kilometres.
  2. Use only high-quality fuel. Presence of abrasive additives in fuel significantly decreases the component lifetime.
  3. Perform periodical adjustment of the fuel injection pump at a service station.
  4. Perform regular cleaning of nozzles and other fuel system elements. These procedures should be entrusted to professionals of a service station.

Defects of fuel injection pump, their causes and signs

  1. Failure of plunger and barrel assemblies. Causes may be various. Effect of moisture on the pump leads to destruction of the protective oil film, which can cause jamming of plunger and barrel assembly and deformation of its elements. Also the components may break due to presence of dust or other foreign particles in the fuel. The signs may be the following: unstable engine operation, inability to start, inability of the engine to reach required power, unusual sounds during its operation.
  2. Jammed injection valve. It can take place due to unqualified actions during its installation, and also because of ingress of abrasive particles into it. Jamming may also be caused by skewing of the valve against its socket, corrosion of its elements. Failure of the valve is indicated by excessive fuel consumption, unstable engine operation, appearance of smoke in exhaust gases. Moreover, hydraulic knocks and b vibrations appear during engine operation.
  3. Broken spline bush key in the pump drive.  It occurs due to insufficient tightening of a camshaft nut or as a result of the plunger and barrel assemblies jamming. With this defect fuel supply stops, engine doesn’t start.
  4. Wear of camshaft bearings. It mostly occurs due to usage of contaminated motor oil.  Because of this, fuel supply is  interrupted, engine power decreases, smoke appears in exhaust gases.
  5. Clogged injection nozzles. It manifests itself as colouring of exhaust gases black. Usage of poor-quality fuel is the common cause for accelerated wear of the nozzles.

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