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Replace a Spare part Throttle Position Sensor – a defective one or if the limit of use has been already reached. Find out useful information about Throttle Position Sensor

The sensor, which is designed to convert the angular position of the throttle into dc voltage, refers to the electronic engine management systems with fuel injection. Because the rotation axis of the current collector coincides with the throttle, when the accelerator pedal is pressed the throttle opens and shifts the current collector on the surface of the resistor element. At the same time the electrical resistance of the potentiometer changes. Obtaining information from this sensor, the electronic control module has to choose modes of fuel supply.

Due to the sensor signal, the controller can follow the angle of the throttle deflection. When the throttle is opened more than 75%, the sensor goes into the engine scavenging. Throttle position is one of these devices that immediately gives an error message on the dash panel of the car, when you have a problem with the engine control unit.

At the same time the reasons of a fault signal can be a breakage, circuit closing inside the sensor or between the sensor and control unit. If the sensor configurations glork, you can not see the warning signal on the dashboard because the possibility of vehicles’ self-testing is limited. To avoid this problem the car owners should sometimes check and adjust the throttle sensor position.

To understand whether there is a fault or incorrectly adjustment of the throttle sensor, pay attention to the laboured start of the engine, fuel consumption and idle speed increase and other features. If the service station diagnosed the failure of the sensor, we advise you to contact the online shop to buy a new device. Whatever you're looking for, fog lights or brake master cylinder, the best price on all spare car parts can be found only in our online store. Moreover, you will be pleasantly surprised at top-quality production and fast delivery.

Throttle Position Sensor for HONDA CIVIC VII Hatchback (EU, EP, EV), OPEL ASTRA H Estate (L35), OPEL ASTRA H Estate (L35)

Throttle sensor failure
  • no sensor signal;
  • damage to the resistive layer;
  • incorrect regulation of the air supply.
Symptoms of throttle sensor failure
  • increased engine rpms at idling;
  • engine stop at idling;
  • engine shutdown when switching to neutral;
  • jerks at the start when the engine is cold;
  • «Check Engine» indicator reading;
  • slowing the car acceleration;
  • power loss.
Causes of throttle sensor faults
  • throttle malfunction;
  • wear of wiper coating;
  • ignoring the system operation rules;
  • ingress of foreign objects into the air intake;
  • use of low-quality components;
  • damage to the core tip;
  • wedge of wiper.

One of the most accurate ways to determine the functionality of the throttle sensor is measuring the voltage at the contacts. To do this, turn on the ignition and set the voltmeter or multimeter probe between the mass and the wiper. When the throttle is closed, the voltage should be 0.7 V. Then you need to manually turn the valve to the open state. In this position, the voltage must not exceed 4 V. When you turn the valve and the sensor is in operating state, voltage changes gradually, without visible jumps.

You can also check the operation of related systems by installing a known good throttle sensor.

Lifetime of throttle resistive sensors is 20 000-50 000 kilometers. It depends on the manufacturer and the manner of operation. Proximity sensors can operate smoothly up to 200,000 kilometers.

Repair and replacement of the throttle sensor

Buying a new item is more convenient and advantageous than repair works of the sensor. The restoration work involves cleaning up polluted contacts and updating their isolation.

Appearance of the sensor voltage drops in operating positions requires only the part replacement. To disconnect the throttle sensor, remove the corrugated air intake pipe. Then unscrew the two screws and remove the sensor. When installing a new part it is necessary to monitor the correctness of the contacts connection.

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