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Replace a Spare part Throttle Body – a defective one or if the limit of use has been already reached. Find out useful information about Throttle Body

Throttle valve is a part of the intake systems of gasoline engines with fuel injection. Its function is to regulate the amount of air supplied to the engine for the fuel-air mixture. This component is located between the air filter and intake manifold. This valve also can be named an air filter. When it opens the pressure in the intake system of the engine becomes equal to atmospheric pressure and when it closes it is reduced to a state of vacuum. This throttle valve property acts both for the vacuum brake booster and adsorber blowing in the system of adsorption canister.

Throttle valve has a mechanical drive and the drive with electronic control. Valve with mechanical drive is used cars in low-cost cars. This system provides connection of the gas pedal with the throttle valve through a metal cable. Mechanical drive includes the structure, where valve components are combined into a single unit, which includes housing, throttle valve, throttle position sensor and idle speed control.

Modern cars use electric drive with electronic control, with the help of which an optimal value of the torque is achieved in all modes of operation. The advantage of this drive is fuel consumption reduction, correspondence to environmental requirements and safety drive. There are two distinctions between throttle valve drives mentioned above. First, in the electric drive there is no mechanical connection between the throttle valve and gas pedal. Second, the regulation of idling occurs by moving the throttle.

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Throttle Body for BMW 3 (E30), FORD MONDEO IV Turnier (BA7), VW TRANSPORTER V Bus (7HB, 7HJ, 7EB, 7EJ, 7EF)

Faults of throttle
  • mechanical damage;
  • throttle jamming;
  • wrong air intake;
  • valve axis wear;
  • incorrect throttle position during operation.
Symptoms of throttle faults
  • malfunction of the engine at idling;
  • irregular cycles at cold start;
  • uneven acceleration when you press the gas pedal;
  • detonation at the engine start;
  • pops in the exhaust system;
  • engine shutdown at idling;
  • jerks at movement start (with an automatic transmission);
  • loss of engine power;
  • increase in fuel consumption.
Causes of throttle faults
  • dirt or oil ingress;
  • short circuit or disconnecting idling contacts;
  • worn or damaged film resistor;
  • damage to conductor tracks;
  • throttle cable breakage;
  • hard acceleration with the cold engine;
  • looseness of throttle fasteners.

Checking the condition of the throttle should be done on a special stand. The engine performance and its operating parameters are evaluated. It is also necessary to analyze the throttle position sensor. For a more detailed diagnosis, you must disconnect the throttle assembly. Cleaning the throttle from dirt and oil is necessary after every 20 000-30 000 kilometers.

The throttle correct position is determined manually. Several times the throttle is clicked from the closed to the open mode. This should change the sensor readings. Backlash between the throttle and the body should not be more than 0.2 mm. The throttle lifetime is unlimited. With timely cleaning it can properly work during the whole life of the vehicle.

Repair and replacement of the throttle

Cleaning the throttle from dirt and oils should be done using aerosol cleaners. Cleaning itself is a simple matter, but disconnecting the throttle assembly from the system requires the efforts of two people. Each unit cleaning requires replacing gaskets.

First, you need to disconnect the air sleeve. Then you need to disconnect the gas cable, it should be done when the accelerator pedal is fully depressed. Then, disconnect the hoses with anti-freeze and the throttle fixtures. If the valve is not fixed in the operating position or is insufficiently fixed, you must tighten the fastenings and calibrate the sensor. Calibration is carried out only at service stations. Replacing the throttle must always be carried out in case of its mechanical damage or wear of the support elements.

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