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Malfunctions of sensors

  • mechanical damage
  • wrong sensor values
  • damage of wires and connectors

Signs of malfunctions

  • registration of car system malfunctions without factual signs
  • sensor signal from time to time at the car start
  • no metrical sensor values
  • no sensor signal while there are clear car system malfunctions

Causes of sensors malfunctions

  • wrong sensors fastening
  • humidity, oil, fuel or other chemical active liquids ingress on sensor detectors
  • damage of electrical circuit
  • mechanical damage of sensors bodies and casings
  • significant excess of sensors working lifespan
  • seizure of sensor working elements
  • burn-out of sensors electrical parts
  • long impact of high temperatures
  • usage of gages and sensors, which do not suit a certain car model


Examination of car sensors performance must be done only at service stations. Depending on sensors type you will need special measuring devices. Electrical gages are measured with the help of multimeter, which shows indexes of electrical resistance, voltage and electric current intensity. All diagnostics values of working devices you can find in vehicle technical manuals.

The most common way to find if a sensor is serviceable is to put a known good part in its place. If values do not change, then the sensor is working normally. Significant changes in working process will be noticed if there are malfunctions.

Replacement of sensors

In the presence of malfunctions car sensors must be replaced. Because of fragile elements there is no point in repairs. Before replacement you should clean all open terminals and remove plaque. Check connective elements for damages and change the sealing.

New sensors can be poorly defined by on-board computer, that is why it is recommended to update its firmware or do a special function test of all program elements.

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