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Replace a Spare part Fuel Level Sensor (Fuel Tank Sender Unit) – a defective one or if the limit of use has been already reached. Find out useful information about Fuel Level Sensor (Fuel Tank Sender Unit)

The main function of the fuel level sensor is to measure current strength, depending on the position of the float in the fuel tank. In simple terms, this detail helps you to determine how much fuel is in the car, as well as the distance and time it will be enough for. Since the cost of fuel is increasing vehicles need accurate system for measuring fuel consumption. As a result, more and more vehicles are equipped with sensors of a new generation. They not only measure the fuel level, but also provide detailed monitoring, as well as when the car consumes fuel.

In modern sensors information transfer takes place via a digital serial interface from the sensor that uses analogue or frequency signal. The digital sensor is a high-precision measuring device that allows you to get the most accurate data. This type of sensor can be installed in the fuel tank of a vehicle of any size. As for the analogue fuel level sensor, it is equipped with an adjustable analogue output and the output voltage does not depend on the supply voltage. Both sensors are protected against short circuit, reverse polarity. And both have the similar supply voltage.

Car owners should trust installation and replacement of this technical device to the professionals as any mistake can cause incorrect data transmission. We can give a good advice how to buy a new sensor and to save. Instead of ordering new car parts, such as wheel hub, throttle valve or spring pressure regulator in service centres at high prices, order them online. If you look at our catalogue, you will see what difference in price for car parts is and how cheaper it is to buy them in the internet.

Fuel Level Sensor (Fuel Tank Sender Unit) for VOLVO S60 I, CITROËN C3 II, VOLVO S60 I

Faults of fuel level sensor
  • mechanical damage;
  • incorrect display of fuel level in the tank;
  • wiring faults,
  • contact oxidation;
  • wear of the fuel gauge wiper;
  • wear of contact tracks.
Symptoms of fuel level sensor faults
  • fuel level indicator needle is at zero;
  • sharp ascent and descent of the indicator needle while driving;
  • the needle indicates an incorrect value with a full tank.
Causes of the fuel level sensor faults
  • short circuit or disconnection of the contacts on the dashboard;
  • pointer jamming on the dashboard;
  • deformation of adjustment tabs;
  • wedge of measuring float;
  • lost contact of the sensor with the earth.

First check the structural condition of the sensor. Very often its unprotected contacts are damaged due to moisture and dirt impact, and subsequent oxidation.

In addition, check the sensor resistance with an ohmmeter. It is worth noting that the fuel tank filling level affects the readings, so it is better to take them in an empty or full tank. The sensor resistance in the absence of fuel should be 230-330 ohms. When the fuel tank is full, a mark must be of 6-7 ohms.

If the indicator on the instrument panel does not respond at all, it is necessary to remove the cover and check the wiring.

The sensor is checked at a planned diagnosis of the fuel system, which is necessary to carry out once a year, or after 60 000-80 000 kms.

Repair and replacement of the fuel level sensor

If contact damage or corrosion occurs you can simply clean them. When disconnecting the sensor be careful not to damage the contact tabs. Otherwise, you will need a new sensor.

In case of incorrect readings the pointer itself can be adjusted. To do this, change the position of the float wiper to maximum, adjust the corresponding value to the indicator pointer and clip it.

Replacing the sensor is required when it is damaged or changed its level of resistance. After replacement it is necessary to calibrate for more accurately display of the fuel level.

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