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Compression stroke and internal combustion engines’ cycle cause acceleration and deceleration of the crankshaft. When an uneven rotation of the crankshaft occurs, it is transmitted to the auxiliary equipment of the engine through the belt drive and makes the inertial mass in the drive additional equipment accelerate and decelerate non-stop. This forms a harmful effect on the drive auxiliary equipment, such as for example, unacceptable noise, high loads on the tensioner and the belt, too much vibration and premature wear of the belt.

Every detail of the auxiliary equipment has different effects on the behaviour of the system of additional drive equipment. The component with the highest moment of inertia - generator - has the greatest impact on this drive. In order to separate the generator from the uneven rotation of the crankshaft pulley, you can use the generator pulley with an overrunning clutch. Belt pulley is built in the shaft of the generator to be an inseparable part of the belt drive.

There are a few basic functions of belt pulley: belt vibration damping, separation of the generator from the uneven rotation of the crankshaft, which is caused by an internal combustion engine, reducing the load on the belt drive, increasing belt life, cost-effective modular design that includes a standard trip unit, reducing the load on tensioner and its travel range and increasing the average speed of the generator in idle speed.

Our online shop is available to anyone, even to the most demanding customers. Just a couple of seconds and you are studying a huge range of goods. You need a pulley? No problem! Order this item in our online store and we will deliver your order to your address in a short time and at a very affordable price. You also can order items such as belt tensioner, control arm or coolant hoses.

Faults of pulleys
  • wear of pulley rim;
  • damage to the surface of the grooves;
  • disbalance of pulleys;
  • pulleys bearings wear;
  • lock of belt movement;
  • cracks and changes in the form of pulleys;
  • wear and damage to the bore and key seat.
Symptoms of pulleys failure
  • strange noise during the engine operation;
  • overheating of the engine at idling;
  • frequent damage to the belt;
  • dips in the power stroke of the engine.
Causes of pulleys faults
  • wrong location and fixing of pulleys;
  • improper installation of the belt;
  • improper belt tension;
  • wrong choice of pulley diameters;
  • ingress of foreign objects in the system;
  • too high belt speed (higher than 20 m/s);
  • different degree of the main and driven pulleys wear;
  • failure to comply with the operation rules;
  • use of substandard materials and spare parts.

Assessing the condition of pulleys is easy. Working pulleys must be free of visible damage and have clear and smooth grooves. Pulleys must be sufficiently lubricated and rotate freely. Check the wear and tear of the pulley grooves. If the belt fully falls in them, the parts urgently need to be replaced. Diagnosis of the belt system is recommended to do every 1000 kilometers.

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