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Replace a Spare part Accelerator Cable (Throttle Cable) – a defective one or if the limit of use has been already reached. Find out useful information about Accelerator Cable (Throttle Cable)

Accelerator cable malfunctions

  • deflection or excessive tension of a cable;
  • seizure;
  • breakage;
  • damage of cable core.

Signs of accelerator cable malfunctions

  • increased idle speed;
  • late or absent gas pedal response;
  • pressing the pedal requires considerable effort;
  • friction-like pedal resistance;
  • vehicle power loss.

Causes of accelerator cable malfunctions

  • wrong tension adjustment;
  • disregard of terms and rules of exploitation;
  • installation of low-quality element.

Repair of accelerator cable

Accelerator cable is an important element of injection system. Safe driving depends on accelerator cable operability. Thus, if it fails or you have found wear signs, it must be replaced. Remember that attempts to repair may result in a sudden cable failure and cause an accident.

The only repair that you can do on your own and that is permissible is tension adjustment. To do it you need the following:

  • check the correctness of cable mounting;
  • prevent bendings;
  • measure the distance between the cable stop and the housing end on both open and close positions of the throttle;
  • compare values with the ones specified in technical documents of a vehicle;
  • if the current distance does not correspond to the standard one, make adjustment by tightening nuts.

It is possible to lubricate a throttle cable with engine oil as a preventive measure. Pour a bit of grease into the cable housing using a filling gun, shift the cable up and down. Repeat the action several times. This will allow to make a softer gas pedal stroke.

Replacement of accelerator cable

Do the following for accelerator cable replacement:

  • Move aside the fuse clip on the gas pedal.
  • Disconnect the pipes and the air filter.
  • Release the gas cable support clamps and remove the protective cover by unscrewing the nut at the throttle support.
  • Disconnect the cable from the valve shaft lever.
  • remove the cover on the front wall of the engine compartment.
  • Remove the cable from the engine compartment by pulling.
  • Install a new cable, making sure that the cover element is not damaged.

Please note: repair and replacement of the cable is only possible when the engine is cool! These actions require certain skills and knowledge, so if you are not sure you can handle it, then ask for assistance at a service station.

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