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Diesel and petrol fuel injectors for my car

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Replace a Spare part Fuel injectors – a defective one or if the limit of use has been already reached. Find out useful information about Fuel injectors

Fault of the injection valve

  • clogging of the filter screen;
  • incorrect nozzle opening;
  • pollution of outlets;
  • leakage;
  • throughput degradation.

Symptoms of the injection valve failure

  • failures and jerks at increasing the engine load;
  • unstable idling;
  • loss of engine power;
  • increase in fuel consumption;
  • engine wobble;
  • injection valve burnt hole;
  • low dynamics of the vehicle;
  • failure of the catalyst;
  • gumming of sprayer;
  • increase in the emissions level of exhaust gas.

Causes of the injection valve faults

  • use of poor quality fuel;
  • dirt deposits inside the valve;
  • mechanical damage;
  • damage or wear of the nozzle needle;
  • deposition of combustion products on the outside of the valve;
  • wear or clogging of the outlet;
  • untimely filter cleaning.


For the diagnosis it is necessary to make measurements of each cylinder CO and HC exhaust. The normal values ​​should be the same for all cylinders. Large divergence will indicate the valve malfunction.

To analyze the injection, it is necessary to obtain an image using an oscilloscope, which is attached to the earth contact and the injector control unit.

Then, using an ohmmeter, you need to check the cable connection. All these manipulations require special equipment and are best left to professionals at a service shop.

Repair of the injection valve

Repair of the valve is produced by cleaning it of accumulated dirt. This operation is necessary to carry out every 40 000 km of the car run. For purification you can use fuel additives. They need to be added after 3000 kilometers for preventing clogging.

If the valve is already heavily polluted, it is necessary to clean with special solvent. To do this, turn off the pump and drain pipe and connect the fuel pipe to the stand tank with solvent. Running the engine on solvent lasts about an hour: first at idle, and then gradually increasing the number of rpms. Removal of more serious, solid deposits requires dismantling the valve. One of the ways is ultrasonic cleaning. At it the part is immersed in a special solution.

Replacing the injection valve

The service life of the valve provided regular cleaning reaches 200,000 kilometers. To replace it you need to relieve the pressure in the fuel rail. Then remove the air filter pipe, the idle speed regulator harnesses, the nozzles wire,the throttle sensor. Then you need to dismantle the pressure regulator hose and the fuel supply pipe. Then unscrew bolts of the fuel rail, remove it. Remove the valve by removing the staples, set a new item in its place. Make the installation of components in reverse order.

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