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Replace a Spare part Hydraulic Oil (Hydraulic Fluid) – a defective one or if the limit of use has been already reached. Find out useful information about Hydraulic Oil (Hydraulic Fluid)

Signs, which point out that it’s time to refill hydraulic oil:

  • liquid clouding
  • change of oil color
  • moire or film appear on the surface
  • change of viscosity
  • formation of particulate matter
  • burning smell while driving
  • oil foaming in the reservoir

Hydraulic oil replacement:

It is recommended to refill hydraulic liquid every 60 000 kms. However, if HPS system works incorrectly, then decrease of oil quality will happen much faster. You can use a special device for checking liquid condition.

It is possible to refill hydraulic oil on your own, though you will need an assistant. The order of actions is as following:

  • Lift your car and hoist its front part, this will allow to turn the steering wheel while the engine is off
  • Take off the reservoir cover and pump used oil out with the help of a filling gun
  • Disconnect hoses and demount the reservoir (it’s preferable to wash it)
  • Place the hose, leading to the steering rack, into a prepared container , and drain used liquid by turning the steering wheel on both sides as far as it can go
  • Then using a funnel, pour oil into the hose, which goes to the HPS pump. Meanwhile your assistant should actively turn overthe steering wheel to right/left
  • Pour the oil until clean and transparent liquid will run into the container with the used consumable.
  • Connect hoses and place the reservoir in its place. Add oil until necessary level.
  • Again rotate the steering wheel, but this time with the working engine. Add oil to reach the mark
  • Put your car down after turning the engine off
  • Again make oil level reaching the labeled mark

You have to add oil quite often when using the car. Often indirect signs point at the lack of oil, such as strange sounds while turning the steering wheel and increase in resistance of the steering box at turns. It is prohibited to mix liquids of different colors.

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