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Replace a Spare part Tie Rod (Steering Rod) – a defective one or if the limit of use has been already reached. Find out useful information about Tie Rod (Steering Rod)

Steering tie rod is one of the components of the steering linkage. Together with the strut, directive wheels pivot rod and steering tie rod the steering linkage is formed.

The main function of the steering tie rod is to connect the two front wheels of the car to ensure the rotation of the wheels with the same angle. If you have any problems when replacing the steering gear before you go to the service centre, you should understand what exactly the problem is. Perhaps, you do not need any assistance.

What you should know, is the fact that it is impossible to replace the tie rods in the steering. Another important point is that in new cars, as a rule, left tie rod is not adjustable. So, when you replace it, you can install an adjustable steering tie rod. To replace this part, you need to have a special or a big spanner.

If you want to replace the steering tie rod, you need to know the simple replacement scheme. First, you need to remove the ball joint of the toothed bar. Then it is necessary to release the joint covering, push it back to the steering tie rod, vice the steering and install the key on the ball joint of the steering tie rod. Having done this, you remove the steering tie rod.

But to replace the part you need not only the ability to do this, but also the new part. Do not turn to dealer shops and service centres—their prices are very high. It is far easier to choose it from our large assortment of goods. It will take five minutes to order the part you need. If you also need other spare car parts (window lifters, ABS sensor), you will find them in our online shop.

Tie Rod (Steering Rod) for BMW 3 Compact (E46), SUBARU IMPREZA Estate (GF), OPEL OMEGA A Estate (66_, 67_)

Faults of tie rod
  • deformation of the joints;
  • mechanical damage;
  • backlash in the connection;
  • wear of the part;
  • cracks or corrosion of the part;
  • broken joints.
Symptoms of the tie rod faults
  • lack of response to the movement of the steering wheel;
  • vehicle roll when cornering or braking;
  • minor bumps in the steering;
  • knocks and noise in the steering;
  • deformation of the joint shell;
  • creaks when braking, acceleration and when driving on poor quality roads;
  • difficulties in retaining the selected angle of the wheels rotation without wheel hopping.
Causes of tie rod faults
  • wear of pin boots that leads to the ingress of moisture and dirt into the coupling parts;
  • systematic exploitation of the vehicle on a low quality road surface;
  • violation of the wheels toe-in original size;
  • driving style.
Repair and replacement of the tie rod

When repairing the steering system, boots and bent ends that cannot be repaired must be replaced.

For the part replacement:

  • set the parking brake and put supports under the rear wheels, then lift the car with a jack;
  • unscrew the steering rod nut, removing its lock pin;
  • extract the tie rod end ball joint pivot pin from a track arm;
  • unbend the ends of the locking plate;
  • remove the tie rod and replace with a new one;
  • make all these steps in reverse order.
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