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Corrugation muffler is a flexible element that performs the function of an elastic connection. This component is required in order to reduce vibration and avoid breakage of pipes because of the engine deflection and vibration. It should be noted that the engine of any car vibrates when operating. When the car starts to move or the load changes, the engine is slightly deflected to the side and vibrations are transmitted to the muffler, then to the body. Corrugation muffler is often installed as an additional element of tuning and to lower the level of vibration. This is more for diesel vehicles or vehicles with high mileage. In addition, this component is used instead of the burnt-out tube because of its cost.

Regarding the construction of the corrugated muffler it is worth noting that it can be two- and three layers, as well as with a single-and bi-amplified braid. If it fails, it can not be repaired, only replaced. Corrugation muffler is made of a high stainless steel, which provides high strength and durability. At the same time it is subject to damage. The main reason of failure is chokage of the corrugated exhaust catalyst. Also, it often breaks down because of bad engine pillows. Less common breakdowns are strokes, wear of rubber mounting silencer, salt and chemicals on roads, as well as additives in the fuel that increase the octane number.

Despite the reliability of the corrugations muffler, it can bring a lot of problems to car owners to find it and to replace. When coming to an auto service centre, do not in hurry to buy corrugation muffler, rear muffler or the valve nozzle there. It is better first to look through online catalogues of spare car parts. We can assure you that in our online shop you will be able to order any car part at the best price.


Faults of corrugated silencer
  • mechanical damage;
  • wear of flexible pipe;
  • separation.
Symptoms of flexible silebcer faults
  • exhaust gases pass;
  • loss of vehicle power;
  • increase in exhaust noise;
  • odor of exhaust gas inside the vehicle;
  • strong vibrations underneath.
Causes of flexible silencer faults
  • failure of the catalytic converter;
  • poor quality of used components;
  • failure to comply with the exhaust system operation rules;
  • looseness of mountings;
  • exposure to moisture and chemicals;
  • presence of impurities in the fuel used;
  • worn or damaged silencer mounts;
  • wear of exhaust system dampers;
  • reckless driving.

Often the flex pipe is located upstream of the catalytic converter. You can run its visual examination by yourself. If you see holes or separation of the material it is necessary to refer to a service shop.

Evaluation of the flex pipe is carried out only by its appearance. An additional diagnosis is not required. The item inspection must be carried out every 3 months. Depending on the manufacturer and flex pipe type its service life can range from 6 months to 2 years.

Replacement of the flexible silencer

Damaged or worn flexible pipe is not repaired. For the part replacement you need a certain level of skills and special tools.

In most vehicles, the flex pipe is welded to the exhaust system, so first you have to cut it out and then weld a new part. It is important to correctly specify the flex pipe type and select a high-quality new part.

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