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Faults of air conditioner

  • mechanical damage;
  • incorrect operation of the compressor;
  • faulty condenser;
  • power loss or non-operating of evaporator;
  • failure of refrigerant filter;
  • deformation of the pipeline;
  • corrosion and oxidation of the elements.

Symptoms of air conditioner faults

  • low efficiency of the air conditioning and heating;
  • humidity inside the vehicle, frequent misting;
  • impaired air circulation;
  • lack of thermal regulation in the cabin;
  • noises at the air conditioner start.

Causes of air conditioner faults

  • ignoring the air conditioner operation rules;
  • ingress of oil or water;
  • clogging or contamination of the system elements;
  • the system leakage;
  • adverse operating conditions;
  • dirt, dust or moisture getting into the system;
  • closure or damage to electrical wiring;
  • refrigerant leakage;
  • wear of seals and gaskets;
  • use of low-quality refrigerant;
  • prolonged use of air recirculation.


Diagnosis of automotive air conditioner performance is run exclusively at a workshop. Freon, which is used as an automotive refrigerant, is a harmful chemical compound, so working with air-conditioning system is only possible having special tools and skills.

Freon leak can be determined only with the help of ultraviolet radiation. The gas has a reagent which is visible in this light. Some manufacturers have also introduced a reagent that resembles the oil paint smell.

At the diagnosis you should always check the status of compressor, receiver, condenser and evaporator. The air conditioning system analysis should be carried out at least twice a year. In addition you should periodically carry out preventive maintenance and run the system at least once per month, even in the cold season.

Repair and replacement of air conditioning components

Refrigerant leaks must be addressed comprehensively. First the system leakproofness is ensured, the pipeline is checked for the entire length. Weak components are recommended to be immediately replaced.

Replacement and repair of air conditioning components is carried out only in professional workshops. Any unit malfunction can cause damage to the entire system, so it is necessary to take care during repair.

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