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Car Interior parts

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  • Window regulator Car Interior cost

    Window regulator

  • Indicator stalk Car Interior cost

    Indicator stalk

  • Parking sensors Car Interior cost

    Parking sensors

  • Window switch Car Interior cost

    Window switch

  • Tailored car mats Car Interior cost

    Tailored car mats

  • Ignition switch Car Interior cost

    Ignition switch

  • Gear shifter Car Interior cost

    Gear shifter

  • Headlight control module Car Interior cost

    Headlight control module

  • Accelerator pedal car price

    Accelerator pedal

  • Headlight switch car price

    Headlight switch

  • Reverse light switch car price

    Reverse light switch

  • Pedal covers car price

    Pedal covers

  • Aerial car price


  • Window motor car price

    Window motor

  • Hazard switch car price

    Hazard switch

  • Dashboard car price


  • Interior mirror auto online

    Interior mirror

  • Speedometer cable auto online

    Speedometer cable

  • Cargo area lights auto online

    Cargo area lights

  • Rain sensor auto online

    Rain sensor

  • Mirror switch auto online

    Mirror switch

  • Switch, handbrake warning light auto online

    Switch, handbrake warning light

  • Window winder handle auto online

    Window winder handle

  • Seat adjustment auto online

    Seat adjustment

  • Cupholder car


  • Door contact switch car

    Door contact switch

  • Seat heating car

    Seat heating

  • Control unit, air conditioning car

    Control unit, air conditioning

  • Central electrics car

    Central electrics

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Faults of the car interior

  • mechanical damage (cracks, gaps, chips, scrapes);
  • peeling of joints and fasteners;
  • damage to fasteners and adhesive;
  • the structure change of fabrics and polymers.

Symptoms of car interior faults

  • discoloration of coatings;
  • appearance of bright or dark spots on surfaces;
  • appearance of chemical smell in the cabin;
  • unpresentable appearance of the vehicle interior trim;
  • discomfort when feeling the surfaces.

Causes of car interior faults

  • long-term impact of direct sunlight;
  • ingress of moisture, fuel, oil or other chemically active substances on the surface;
  • contamination of car interior surfaces;
  • damage due to shock or mechanical contact with a sharp object;
  • long-term impact of high or low temperatures;
  • incorrect humidity regulation in the vehicle cabin;
  • use of low-quality materials and securing connections;
  • inadequate care of surfaces.


To determine the status of the vehicle internal lining, check it visually for mechanical damage. It is also recommended to hand over the surfaces and assess the tactile sensations. The appearance of roughness on plastic parts can cause damage to the structure of the polymer.

Leather treatment in the vehicle requires special attention. Once every 2 weeks you should wipe leather surface with a special conditioner. Also, special attention is required for wash leather, velour and velvet, if you use it in interior design.

Service life of polymers as well as natural and artificial wood in plating parts is not particularly limited. Leather substitutes on the steering wheel and seats wear within 1.5-2 years. However, genuine leather with proper care can last more than 15 years.

In the presence of flocked surfaces they must be vacuumed once a week. Otherwise, they will lose the softness, and can create a favorable environment for bacteria.

Repair and replacement of car interiors

Full tuning or replacement of individual elements of the car interior trim is recommended to perform at a specialized service center. There is a whole range of individual works to modernize the lining: reupholstering seats, steering wheel trim, dashboard, door panels and pillars trim.

Repair of interior trim is not too common. Motorists prefer to replace the damaged elements.