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Reviews of BERU Engine spark plug
BERU: Brand's rating


7.79 /10

Reviews - 469

10 (117)
9 (154)
8 (138)
7 (17)
6 (1)
5 (3)
4 (0)
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Parameters rating +1670 Advantages Disadvantages 69-
Product cost +467 8-
Product quality +406 11-
Packaging quality +206 12-
Manufacturer +256 23-
Warranty +335 15-
Customer reviews
BERU Spark plug set Z30 Review

BERU Spark plug Z30

again the cheapest I could find that fit
BERU Spark plug set UPT18P Review

BERU Spark plug UPT18P

in hope they should fit my car
BERU Spark plug set Z376 Review

BERU Spark plug Z376

it's the cheapest spark plug
BERU Spark plug set UPT16P Review

BERU Spark plug UPT16P

need to service my car
BERU Spark plug set Z129 Review

BERU Spark plug Z129

OEM for Porsche 996
BERU Spark plug set Z190 Review

BERU Spark plug Z190

goos spark plags
BERU Spark plug set Z203 Review

BERU Spark plug Z203

very nice !
BERU Spark plug set Z235 Review
BERU Spark plug set Z306 Review
BERU Spark plug set UPT14P Review
BERU Spark plug set UPT5 Review
BERU Spark plug set Z361 Review
Spark plug from BERU - Top products at reduced prices BERU top categories
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  • ABS sensor ABS sensor
  • Rocker cover gasket Rocker cover gasket
  • Lambda sensor Lambda sensor
  • Ignition coil Ignition coil
  • Glow plugs Glow plugs
  • Temperature sensor Temperature sensor
  • Engine radiator Engine radiator
  • Headlight bulb Headlight bulb
  • Coolant sensor Coolant sensor
  • Camshaft sensor Camshaft sensor
  • Crankshaft sensor Crankshaft sensor
  • Fog light bulb Fog light bulb
  • Blower motor resistor Blower motor resistor
  • Ignition leads Ignition leads
  • Glow plug relay Glow plug relay
  • Injector seals Injector seals
  • Turbo control valve Turbo control valve
  • Fuel injectors Fuel injectors
  • Brake light switch Brake light switch
  • Radiator fan Radiator fan
  • Boost pressure sensor Boost pressure sensor
  • Oil pressure switch Oil pressure switch
  • Distributor cap Distributor cap
  • Alternator regulator Alternator regulator
  • Aerial Aerial
  • Distributor rotor Distributor rotor
  • Exhaust gas temperature sensor Exhaust gas temperature sensor
  • Radiator fan switch Radiator fan switch
  • Dashboard Dashboard

Learn more about Beru spark plugs

Beru spark plugs have been produced since 1912 by the German BorgWarner Beru Systems company, which is a branch of the American concern BorgWarner. Nowadays the company has more than 20 research centres whose specialists are involved in development and implementation of advanced technologies.


  • Ultra. These products are designed for a wide variety of cars. They guarantee reliable spark formation in any conditions. It is ensured via corona pre-discharge. This line includes spark plugs with iridium, platinum or copper central electrode.
  • Ultra Plus Titan. Their design has an interference suppression resistor, which ensures smooth engine idling. Moreover, due to an enlarged insulator tip and insulator seat diameter, the parts are cooled better. The ground electrode is made of titanium alloy. It allows to use a lower voltage, and contributes to better flame front propagation. In addition, nickel-titanium alloy protects the spark plug from corrosion. The central electrode has a platinum tip, which ensures highly efficient cold start.

3 facts about Beru spark plugs

  1. The manufacturer’s assortment offers a wide selection of tools for mounting Beru spark plugs. These are special extenders and heads, which ease working in tight spaces of the engine compartment. Also, a special lubricant for the spark plug connector is advised to be used to prevent high-voltage spark-over.
  2. The firm is constantly improving the materials for the components it makes. Particularly, it develops methods for improving the properties of ceramics. So, due to special additives, the manufacturer succeeded in reducing the porosity of this material.
  3. An innovative technology of laser welding helped to achieve extremely firm bond between the nickel electrode and the precious metal coating. The precious metal content reaches 92%, which ensures perfect operating characteristics of the components.

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