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Reviews of DENSO Engine spark plug
DENSO: Brand's rating


7.83 /10

Reviews - 991

10 (304)
9 (280)
8 (290)
7 (73)
6 (13)
5 (15)
4 (0)
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Parameters rating +3428 Advantages Disadvantages 217-
Product cost +937 29-
Product quality +831 37-
Packaging quality +456 39-
Manufacturer +525 62-
Warranty +679 50-
Customer reviews
DENSO Spark plug set K16TT Review

DENSO Spark plug K16TT

i have chosen this product because i trust the brand name and it looks to be good quality & value for money,i have not used this particular product in my saab 9-3 1,8i before.
DENSO Spark plug set IK20TT Review

DENSO Spark plug IK20TT

Specified product for car and best price
DENSO Spark plug set TV16TT Review

DENSO Spark plug TV16TT

the best plug there is..
DENSO Spark plug set K20TT Review

DENSO Spark plug K20TT

Because It's cheap
DENSO Spark plug set IT20TT Review

DENSO Spark plug IT20TT

I know its good
DENSO Spark plug set IK16TT Review

DENSO Spark plug IK16TT

Strtong spark
DENSO Spark plug set T20TT Review
DENSO Spark plug set FK20HR11 Review
Spark plug from DENSO - Top products at reduced prices DENSO top categories
  • Pollen filter Pollen filter
  • Windshield wipers Windshield wipers
  • Fuel filter Fuel filter
  • Lambda sensor Lambda sensor
  • Ignition coil Ignition coil
  • Glow plugs Glow plugs
  • Temperature sensor Temperature sensor
  • Mass air flow sensor Mass air flow sensor
  • Engine radiator Engine radiator
  • Fuel pump Fuel pump
  • Alternator Alternator
  • Heater blower motor Heater blower motor
  • Engine starter Engine starter
  • EGR valve EGR valve
  • Camshaft sensor Camshaft sensor
  • AC condenser AC condenser
  • Crankshaft sensor Crankshaft sensor
  • Blower motor resistor Blower motor resistor
  • AC compressor AC compressor
  • Blower control unit Blower control unit
  • Fuel injectors Fuel injectors
  • Heater core Heater core
  • Radiator fan Radiator fan
  • Receiver drier Receiver drier
  • Oil cooler Oil cooler
  • Turbo intercooler Turbo intercooler
  • Ac pressure switch Ac pressure switch
  • Exhaust gas temperature sensor Exhaust gas temperature sensor
  • High pressure fuel pump High pressure fuel pump
  • Fuel pressure regulator Fuel pressure regulator

Learn more about Denso spark plugs

Denso Corporation was founded in 1949, and in 1954 its own highly qualified staff training centre was opened. In course of time it helped the enterprise to produce better quality Denso spark plugs and other premium segment car parts. They are manufactured in Thailand and Indonesia.


  • Nickel. These products have U-groove which lowers the number of misfires and minimizes fuel consumption. Such spark plugs are perfect for lean mixtures.
  • Nickel TT. They were developed using the Тwin Tip technology: they have the center and ground electrodes of small diameter – 1,5 mm. Such construction promotes better spark formation allowing to start engine quickly even in cold weather.
  • Iridium TT. The unique iridium-rhodium alloy increases the plug’s lifespan – up to 120 000 km. These spark plugs have improved air-fuel mix combustion which optimises fuel economy.
  • Platinum Longlife. They feature platinum on both center and ground electrodes. It provides resistance to erosion and corrosion and enables spark plug’s consistent operation for up to 100 000 km.
  • Iridium Power. They are equipped with the world’s smallest center electrode. Its diameter is only 0.4 mm. This improves car acceleration and ignitability.
  • Iridium Tough. The products are perfect for LPG engines. Electrode fouling in such spark plugs is low.
  • Iridium Racing. Drivers intending to buy these Denso spark plugs will enjoy great car dynamics. They have minimum number of misfires even at high engine load. These plugs are suitable for racing cars with powerful engine.

3 facts about Denso spark plugs

  1. DENSO factories reliability is confirmed by QS 9000 and ISO 9000 standards.
  2. Product range contain spare parts for cars equipped with engine of any features.
  3. Technological innovations in their production provide for easy installation and long service life.

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