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NGK Spark plugs platinum and iridium

Spark plugs iridium and platinum from NGK - original car sparesSpark plugs NGK platinum and iridium
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Reviews of NGK Engine spark plug
NGK: Brand's rating


7.9 /10

Reviews - 2491

10 (696)
9 (757)
8 (703)
7 (232)
6 (37)
5 (14)
4 (0)
3 (2)
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Parameters rating +8253 Advantages Disadvantages 634-
Product cost +2212 92-
Product quality +1948 117-
Packaging quality +1148 110-
Manufacturer +1331 170-
Warranty +1614 145-
Customer reviews
2215 Spark plugs NGK review

NGK Spark plugs 2215

Using this spark plug on old Toyota Celica GT "97" - 3SGE engine, and it's really great choice, very reliable and durable with longlife quality..
91432 Spark plugs NGK review

NGK Spark plugs 91432

It is the correct spark plug for the Tce engine as recommended in the haynes manual
4559 Spark plugs NGK review

NGK Spark plugs 4559

Of the brand name I have known of for more than 40 years
91215 Spark plugs NGK review

NGK Spark plugs 91215

It was a lot cheaper than buying from nissan direct
91121 review

Engine spark plug NGK 91121

Good spark plug. Works fine in Smart 453 turbo.
3199 review

Engine spark plug NGK 3199

exact replacement for my original plugs
4930 review

Engine spark plug NGK 4930

Because my needed new spark plugs
6953 review

Engine spark plug NGK 6953

You can’t go wrong with NGK plugs
1511 review

NGK 1511

LPG Fuel and discount, thank you
3384 review

NGK 3384

NGK is one of the best brands
94201 review

NGK 94201

Mını F57 Perfect spark plug.
7913 review

NGK 7913

great plug really pleased
1111 review

NGK 1111

to replace existing part
2288 review

NGK 2288

NGK's own recommendation
3116 review

NGK 3116

compatibility with OEM
6313 review

NGK 6313

Ngk is the best choice
5942 review

NGK 5942

Top rated NGK part
90061 review

NGK 90061

proven quality
91530 review

NGK 91530

Good quality
3611 review

NGK 3611

best product

NGK Spark plug for Top Models

Catalogue of manufacturers NGK: Spark plugs platinum and iridium Top categories
  • Original NGK Ignition coil Ignition coil
  • Original NGK Glow plugs Glow plugs
  • Original NGK Ignition leads Ignition leads
  • Original NGK Plug, spark plug Plug, spark plug

Learn more about NGK spark plugs

The company was established in Japan in 1936. Nowadays, NGK spark plugs and other components produced by the manufacturer, are well-known around the world. The parts belong to the premium pricing segment and are manufactured in Japan, the USA, France, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, China, India, South Africa, Germany. Thanks to fruitful collaboration with various car manufacturers the company received numerous awards,  including “For outstanding quality” from Audi and “Supplier of the Year” from General Motors.


The manufacturer produces the spark plugs for the engines operating on gasoline and natural gas. Such products are presented in the assortment:

  • With one side electrode and V-shaped groove in the centre electrode. Such plugs construction promotes stable ignition of the mixture even in complicated operational conditions.
  • Multipolar. Presence of a few ground electrodes (from two to four) promotes excellent ignitability and extending  part’s working lifetime.
  • With an auxiliary spark gap. Thanks to the special construction of the spark plug body, ignitability is provided even at presence of carbon fouling on the isolator. And self-cleaning of the plug occurs at reaching 450 °C temperature.
  • Semi-surface ignition type spark plugs. The construction comprises at least two earth electrodes with tapered point. These parts remain effective even when there is carbon fouling and are self-cleaned at every spark.
  • With electrodes made of precious metals. This category includes the parts with the very thin (0.6 mm) middle (centre) electrode with the iridium-alloy tip. They are characterized by low ignitionvoltage, resistance to spark erosion and have the very continuous operation lifespan. Also you can buy NGK spark plugs with the electrode, in which the platinum plate is welded. Use of this material provides constant output of the components during the entire service life, even under difficult conditions.
  • Hybrid. They combine characteristics of the platinum parts and semi-surface type spark plugs.
  • Racing. These are components with the ring-shaped earth electrode. They are resistant to high levels of pressure, vibration and temperature.

3 facts about NGK spark plugs

  1. The brand spark plugs are made using the top technologies, that is why they work efficiently in even extreme conditions. The Formula-1 cars are equipped with these components.
  2. All produced parts undergo functional testing, which guarantees their quality.
  3. Each pack of NGK spark plugs bears an alphanumeric combination, which indicates the spark plugs qualities. The first four positions are letters that indicate the thread diameter, size of the hex spanner and the plug design. The character in the fifth position indicates the spark plug heat rating; the letter in the sixth – the thread length. The seventh position contains letters that denote special design features; the last one is the number that shows distances between electrodes. — your online-assistant in the world of spare parts

A wide range of components from Japanese brand NGK is presented in our online-shop. support service will help you to navigate in it: competent specialists will describe you the catalogue online and will tell about available promotions. Make an order on our website right now and purchase high-quality products inexpensively.