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Replace a Spare part Glow Plugs – a defective one or if the limit of use has been already reached. Find out useful information about Glow Plugs

A glow plug is an electric heating element, which allows to quickly increase temperature of air-fuel mixture in cylinders of a diesel engine, thus facilitating its start in cold season.

Main characteristics of the glow plug

4 tips on the glow plug operation

  1. It is recommended to perform check and replacement of glow plugs every year before oncoming of the cold season. Average lifetime limit of the glow plugs is 50,000 – 80,000 km. However, some ceramic components are able to serve for more than 160,000 km.
  2. Use only those glow plugs which are recommended by your car manufacturer.
  3. At breakdown of one of the glow plugs, it is recommended to replace all of them, to make their lifetime exhaust equally.
  4. It is easy to damage the glow plugs, that is why one needs to have car servicing experience and use professional tools for their demounting and installation. Otherwise, it will be better to apply to a service station.

Defects of the glow plug, their causes and signs.

  1. Defects of a glow plug tip. Bulgings, cracks, surface meltings and other deformations may be found during visual inspection. The cause of this may be: poor quality of the component, usage of a spare part not intended for this exact vehicle, and failures in the car fuel system or electric wiring.
  2. Lifetime ending. Natural wear of the glow plug may be indicated by unstable engine operation and by white color of exhaust gases at vehicle start.
  3. Mechanical damages. They may be the result of unprofessional actions during component replacement. When mechanically damaged, the glow plug becomes useless. Difficult engine start may indicate such a defect.

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