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Replace a Spare part Ignition Module (Ignition Control Module) – a defective one or if the limit of use has been already reached. Find out useful information about Ignition Module (Ignition Control Module)

Ignition module integrates two coupling devices and two ignition coils. The controller manages the module, thus giving a message on the control circuits of the ignition at the same time for the first and fourth cylinder and the second and third cylinder. Ignition module is the main in the system to form a high voltage on the spark plugs. The control system generates for the module low voltage control signals, which are consistent with the position of the crankshaft. Completion of the signal determines the beginning of the spark ignition. Duration determines the coil degree of charge and depends on the voltage of the in vehicle network.

Unfortunately, no one is safe from the ignition module failure, regardless of what type is in your car. Faults are detected by different signs. For example, poor acceleration or loss of power, misfiring, error on the dash panel, as well as the worst sign - when the engine does not start. These faults appear both when all the systems of the engine operate and when any one. The reasons may be different, for example, an internal short circuit when, because of the aging, ignition module overheats. Coil charging time can be increased due to a very low voltage source - weak battery, which later leads to early wear and increased load of the ignition control unit. Leakage of engine components may be the main reason for the closure, resulting in a violation of the ignition system.

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Ignition Module (Ignition Control Module) for OPEL ASTRA F Hatchback (53_, 54_, 58_, 59_), OPEL ASTRA F (56_, 57_), BMW 5 (E12)

Faults of the ignition module
  • interturn breakdown;
  • open primary circuit;
  • burnout module;
  • breakdown of the secondary windings.
Symptoms of ignition module failure
  • interruptions in the engine operation;
  • reduction of engine power;
  • emergency stop of the engine;
  • unstable idling;
  • jerking of the car during acceleration;
  • no voltage on the cylinder 2 and 3 or 1 and 4.
Causes of the ignition module failure
  • too high or low wire resistance;
  • installation of improper components;
  • increased spark gap of the spark plugs;
  • mechanical damage.

For the diagnosis of the ignition module you need an ohmmeter or a multimeter, which will measure the resistance. To test the earth fault one wire of the device should be connected to the center module contact, and the second to the earth. With proper working module there will be no reaction of the device, and the display will show infinity. Wire terminations should be checked in pairs. The ohmmeter must be connected to the cylinders. No response from the device indicates failure.

To test the module primary circuit the ohmmeter wire must be connected to the left and right contacts. No changes in reading will indicate a module fault. All figures should be compared with the maximum permissible values ​​as specified by the manufacturer.

Do not forget to check the body of the module. At any damage it is advisable to replace the item.

Repair of the ignition module

In most cases, the module cannot be repaired. Just the module contacts are maintainable. For repair work you will need wires, a screwdriver, a soldering iron, varnish, flux for soldering aluminum. You must remove the cover of the module housing, clean up the board of small wires, replace them with new ones. You also need to replace the wire of transistor controllers. The soldered spot is necessary to be varnished.

Replacement of the ignition module

For the part replacement a set of wrenches and a hexagon spanner are required. It is necessary to disconnect the negative terminal of the battery, remove the wire box. Then disconnect high-voltage wires, remove the attachment to the motor. Dismantling is not difficult, since the module binding system is not complex. Next you need to install the new module, connect the wires to the appropriate cylinders and assemble parts in reverse order.

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