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Replace a Spare part Distributor cap – a defective one or if the limit of use has been already reached. Find out useful information about Distributor cap

Faults of the distributor cap

  • burning out of the part;
  • wear of distributor cap carbon brush;
  • damage to the central contact spring;
  • abrasion of the part contacts;
  • surface cracks.

Symptoms of distributor cap faults

  • engine wobble;
  • reducing the number of the engine revolutions during operation;
  • condensation inside the structure;
  • trouble starting the engine;
  • increase in fuel consumption.

Causes of distributor cap failure  

  • installation of unsuitable components;
  • incorrect connection of the wires to the part terminals;
  • mechanical impact on the item;
  • distributor radial play;
  • incorrect installation of the engine mounting;
  • long-term effects of moisture.


Finding indirect signs of failing, examine the part. The surface should be free of cracks and burnouts. Then you need to check the status of contacts and the carbon brush. If these components are strongly worn or damaged, the distributor cap must be replaced. Sometimes microcracks on the casing can not be seen with the naked eye. If you suspect a distributor cap leak, you need to contact a service station.

Repair and replacement of the distributor cap

The distributor cap is a consumable item, so the damaged part must be replaced. You can install a new part on your own.

Note that each cylinder of the engine corresponds to a certain wire. In order not to disturb their connection order before installing the distributor cap you need to make marks. Then disconnect the wires and unscrew the mounting. Remove the part and install the new item by following the steps in reverse order. You can then process the cap with silicone spray, preventing the moisture ingress inside the structure.

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