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Replace a Spare part Distributor Rotor – a defective one or if the limit of use has been already reached. Find out useful information about Distributor Rotor

Distributor rotor consists of a rotating rotor, distributor cap, condenser and contact breaker. The rotor is located directly inside the ignition distributor and holds on the shaft of the distributor. It rotates synchronously with the crankshaft and the engine while providing a coordinated operation of the entire vehicle ignition system. Rotor point contact terminals of the wires giving a spark to the plug in a definite order.

Distributor contacts run the current in the ignition coil. As a result, the high-voltage pulse is transmitted to the sparks at the necessary moment and always with a required size. Make sure that the gap between the contacts is well-adjusted and that every plug gives a spark at the exact time and the required voltage. With increased gap spark will undoubtedly skip a little early and as a result, the engine will wear out quickly. When the gap is understated, the spark will skip on the contrary after the right moment. In this case, the fuel-air mixture will not burn completely. But it will reduce engine power and increase the emission of harmful gases into the atmosphere. It is unacceptable the contacts to be permanently closed or open - the high voltage will simply not be supplied to the spark.

If you find faultiness in the distributor rotor, you need to replace it with a new one. There is no need to run to the shops or order parts in the service centres. You can wait for the right part for a week or even longer. Make a purchase at our online store and you will see that it's fast, reliable and profitable. Do not forget that you can contact us in case you need to replace such parts as wheel bearing, brake force regulator or radiator.

Distributor Rotor for NISSAN PRIMERA (P10), JEEP WRANGLER II (TJ), AUDI 80 (8C, B4)

Faults of the distributor rotor
  • mechanical damage to the rotor;
  • rotor melting;
  • oxidation of the high-voltage contact;
  • jamming of rotor;
  • increased resistance of the rotor;
  • burnout resistor;
  • wrong frequency of the rotor rotation.
Symptoms of the distributor rotor failure
  • sudden engine stalling;
  • interruptions in the engine operation in all modes;
  • engine speed dips;
  • hindered start of the vehicle;
  • jerks while driving;
  • engine wobble at high rpms.
Causes of the distributor rotor malfunctions
  • prolonged exposure to high temperatures;
  • breach of the electrical circuit;
  • getting soot on the high voltage contacts;
  • abrupt change of voltage in the system.

To evaluate the performance of the distributor rotor it is necessary to measure its operating resistance. To do this, connect it into an electrical circuit on a measuring stand and set the ohmmeter. Standard rotor resistance for contactless ignition systems is 1 kOhm, and for contact ones is 5-6 kOhms. Also be sure to check the resistor condition.

Testing of the rotor can be made as follows: pull the center wire from the cover of the ignition distributor and with the running ignition bring it to the conductive pins of the rotor at a distance of 3 mm. If the spark appears at the opening of the contact, the rotor is out of order.

At a visual inspection of the part you should check it for cracks and the condition of the contacts. If required, the contacts must be cleaned of plaque or oxide.

You should also evaluate the gap between the carbon contact and the rotor. If it is larger than one millimeter, then the operation will lead to intense burning of carbon contact.

The clearance between the contacts of the rotor must be not more than 0.45 mm.

Replacement of the ignition distributor rotor

Repair of the distributor rotor is not carried out. This is a consumable item, so it is only to be replaced.

To install the new part you need to unscrew the fastening of the distributor and remove the cover. Then gently pull the rotor upwards (so as not to damage the contacts) to remove.

If at the rotor installation guides were damaged, full replacement of the ignition distributor is required.

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