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Ignition system is a system in which there are instruments and devices that provide the appearance of a spark at the moment, which is required for the engine operation. The whole system is a part of the vehicle electrical system. The process of the system operation can be described in the following way: in the carburettor engine cylinders the compressed air and fuel mixture is ignited by a spark, which is formed in the spark plug. As for the high voltage, which is required to create a spark, it is the result of the battery ignition devices work.

Ignition battery system that is used in gasoline engines is needed to convert the low voltage to high voltage, as well as distribute it to the engine cylinders. Malfunctions of the ignition system arise in many cases. For example, incorrect adjustment or malfunction of the centrifugal and vacuum spark advances governor. As for the modern cars, here ignition system can fail because of incorrect electronic control unit program.

Other common breakdowns of the system are faults with a spark in one or more cylinders, which happens because of low power pulse or insulation failure. In addition, there occurs a complete absence of spark in the cylinders or oiling-up. As a rule, in these cases ignition system can not be repaired. It is necessary only to replace it by a new one or to replace only the failed elements of the system. We mean mechanical interrupter contact pieces, spark plugs, high-voltage wire, ignition module, electronic commutator and other parts, such as wiring.

In case of problems with ignition system do not buy new parts from service centres and specialty stores. It will cost you a lot and it may be not true that they will sell you quality and new parts. It is far easier and cheaper to order necessary parts online. The cost will be much lower than in conventional stores and the terms of delivery will pleasantly surprise you.

Ignition Lead & Ignition Lead Set for HYUNDAI GETZ (TB), RENAULT KANGOO (KC0/1_), RENAULT KANGOO (KC0/1_)

Faults of ignition cable
  • mechanical damage;
  • break;
  • connections oxidation;
  • burnout.
Symptoms of ignition cable faults
  • current leakage;
  • resistance exceeds the available values ​​for wiring;
  • dips in the engine cycles;
  • loss of engine power;
  • the smell of burnt insulation in the cabin;
  • no ignition.
Causes of faulty ignition cable
  • ingress of moisture on the open contacts;
  • open circuit;
  • use of low-quality spare parts and electrical wiring;
  • damage to the insulation;
  • faulty coils or spark plugs.

Identifying ignition cables failure without special equipment is impossible. Independently you can assess only their structural condition. In the presence of soot or burnout traces or obvious damage to the insulation the cables should urgently be replaced.

If by a visual inspection you could not determine the damage it is necessary to make a diagnosis in a service shop. All coils and spark plugs are checked with cables. Use a voltmeter and an ammeter to measure voltage and resistance in the wires. If any deviation from the normal range occurs, cables are replaced.

There are no special instructions for the frequency of cables diagnostics. Their work is analyzed at a planned inspection of the ignition system, which is recommended every 30 000-40 000 kilometers.

Repair and replacement of ignition cables

Electrical wires can not be repaired. Their low cost allows to replace them at the slightest fault. Connecting the wires can be done DIY, but it is necessary to know the correct connection diagram. In a service shop it can be done in 15 minutes. The planned replacement of cables, regardless of their status is held every 2-3 years of the vehicle operation.

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