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Replace a Spare part Idle Air Control Valve (Idle Control Valve) – a defective one or if the limit of use has been already reached. Find out useful information about Idle Air Control Valve (Idle Control Valve)

Malfunctions of idle regulator:

  • part contamination
  • mechanical damage to the part
  • inner wiring breakage of the device

Signs fof idle regulator malfunctions:

  • engine speed spontaneously alternates
  • unstable engine work at idle
  • engine stalls while turning off transmission
  • idle rounds decrease when extra load appears (turning on head lamp, heater, radio)
  • increased speeds are not reached while launching with a cool engine

Causes of idle regulator malfunctions:

  • soiling of the mounting hole on inlet pipe assy
  • taper needle guides are worn out
  • coil shorted
  • control unit stopped sending voltage


It is not difficult to do inspection of an idle regulator on your own. First of all, you should demount the device; for this you need to take away 4-pin connector with engine off and unscrew fixing bolts. After that connect the sockett again ask your assistant to turn the ignition on, and as a result adjuster must release the needle. If it does not happen, than part is not working.

Another diagnostics method requires a multimeter. After removing the idle regulator take data of voltage between contacts A-B and C-D connectors. Both values must be 50 to 80 ohm. Then measure B-C and A-D. If the part is correct, then the multimeter will show circuit breaking.

Repair and replacement of idle regulator

When the cause of regulator malfunction is contamination, the part must be demounted and cleaned from oil and dirt (use cotton swabs and, by no means, pour cleaners on the device). After breakage wires must be soldered, the soldered place must be degreased and covered with polish for corrosion avoiding.

Device replacement does not bring serious difficulties either. The main thing is to follow recommendations for working order:

  • Demount the regulator
  • Carefully clean out inducer of inlet pipe assy and place of the gasket location
  • Place a new part
  • Tightly fix mountings
  • Make sure, that distance between mounting fold and the regulator does not exceed 23 mm
  • Plug-in 4-pin connector
  • Turn ignition on for 10 seconds without turning on the engine for the new part calibration
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