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Replace a Spare part Turbocharger – a defective one or if the limit of use has been already reached. Find out useful information about Turbocharger

Faults of turbocharger
  • overheating;
  • mechanical damage;
  • clogging of the element.
Symptoms of turbocharger failure
  • excessive noise;
  • lack of engine power;
  • increase of fuel consumption;
  • lack of sufficient traction;
  • car stalls during acceleration;
  • exhaust is blue or black;
  • increased oil consumption;
  • failure of electrical equipment.
Causes of turbocharger faults
  • insufficient amount of air entering the engine;
  • use of poor quality fuel;
  • incorrect part installation;
  • clogged air filter element;
  • failure of turbocharger indicator;
  • clogging of the exhaust and intake channel;
  • sedimentation in the cartridge;
  • exhaust system is blocked;
  • excessive vibration of the exhaust system elements;
  • a leak in the air supply system;
  • insulator resonance;
  • seal breaking.
Diagnostics of turbocharger

Initially, you need to remove and inspect the tubes for oil traces. Then inspect the blades of the compressor wheel, make sure that there are no damages. To determine the turbocharger fault, shaft should be moved axially and radially. In the first case, the offset must not exceed 0.05 mm. When moving up and down the shaft must not touch the blades. Visual inspection should verify the integrity of the casing, absence of cracks. For a more detailed diagnosis contact a specialized service, as in this case, a professional diagnostic stand is needed.

Replacement of turbocharger

Complete replacement of the turbocharger is needed in case of serious malfunction. For the part replacement you need:

  • Replace the air filter, oil filter and engine oil.
  • Remove all plugs from the new part.
  • Clear all the pipes connected to the new element.
  • Use new quality seals.
  • Abide all instructions, recommendations and requirements provided by the manufacturer.

After replacing make sure to check the connection of the new part for leaks with the engine running. Additionally, you should not give a load to the engine for 2-5 minutes, at this time the engine should be operated only in the idling mode.

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