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Replace a Spare part Mass Air Flow Sensor (Air Flow Meter) – a defective one or if the limit of use has been already reached. Find out useful information about Mass Air Flow Sensor (Air Flow Meter)

Malfunctions of air flow meter
  • part contamination
  • failures of part operation
  • mechanical damages to the casing
Signs of air flow meter malfunctions
  • increased fuel consumption
  • dashboard light flickers
  • unstable engine work at idle
  • indicator “Check Engine” illuminates
  • decreased engine power
  • problem with acceleration dynamics occurred
  • engine won’t start
Causes of air flow meter malfunctions
  • dirt gets inside the part together with air flow
  • oil is leaking into sensor through the crankcase ventilation
  • damage of flow meter wires
  • power supply fault
  • hose, which connects sensor with throttle module, is cracked

Listed malfunction signs can stand not only for breakage of this particular part. It is necessary to have additional diagnostics for spotting the failure.

Turn the sensor off and try driving without it. If you feel that engine started to work better, then the flow meter cannot be used anymore. Have a visual inspection of inner part surface: it must be clean and dry. It concerns corrugated hose as well. Also one of the most common sensor malfunctions is loss or wrinkling of rubber gasket at inlet opening.

It will also help if you connect a known good part. If engine power has increased, then you should replace the regular sensor or clean it. There is one other way, for which you will need a multimeter. Connect gage probes to flow meter signal cables “+” and grounds “-“. Turn on engine without starting powerplant. Voltage of a broken sensor will exceed the value of 1,4 V.

Repair and replacement of air flow meter

A contaminated part can cleaned and washed, but if such proceduress do not bring sensor back to life, you will have to replace it.

Every driver can handle the replacement. It is necessary to do the following:

  • Shut down engine
  • Turn sensor socket off
  • Take off clamp holders and disconnect hose of the blowout pipe from the air filter housing
  • Demount the broken part and place a new one
  • Carry out assembling in reverse order
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