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Replace a Spare part Oil Pressure Switch (Oil Pressure Sensor) – a defective one or if the limit of use has been already reached. Find out useful information about Oil Pressure Switch (Oil Pressure Sensor)

Malfunctions of engine oil pressure sensor

  • mechanical damage to the part
  • contamination, oiling or wear of sensor elements
  • wire breakage, connecting sensor and lamp
  • short circuit
  • oxidation of electrical converter terminals
  • damage of sensor electrical slot
  • fuse failure
  • pitch play in the tube, in which oil gets to sensor (for mechanical devices)
  • incorrect part operation

Signs of engine oil pressure sensor malfunctions

  • monitoring indicator of oil pressure is illuminated on dashboard (meanwhile oil level in the system stays normal)
  • oil pressure deviates from 0,65-2 bar value at idle
  • oil pressure exceeds 4,5-6,5 bar range at high speeds

Causes of engine oil pressure sensor malfunctions

  • mechanical impact
  • excessive voltage in the system
  • usage rules and recommendations are ignored
  • humidity and dirt impact
  • regular car starts with a cool engine
  • low-quality or high viscosity oil usage

Diagnostics of engine oil pressure sensor

In order to check oil pressure sensor for damages, you should remove the device from the engine and plug in a manometer gage instead of it. It will allow to measure the engine oil pressure. If pressure exceeds 0,65 bar at idle and increases with speed, then the sensor is damaged. Then you should examine electrical circuit in terms of shorts and damages. If it is intact, you need to replace the whole device or its elements.

Repair and replacement of engine oil pressure sensor

In the course of maintenance and repair, cleaning of the surface next to the sensor fixing hole is done, and consumables are also replaced, including liquid gasket. Do not apply sharp objects while cleaning to avoid component damage. If diagnostics showed that malfunction cause was the sensor itself, than the whole component is replaced.

To install a new part, do the following actions:

  • Take the bottom cover of engine off
  • Disconnect the sensor slot and take the component off
  • Take off old liquid gasket from the sensor and its fixing slot as well
  • Put a small amount of liquid gasket on the thread of a working sensor, and install it.

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