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Replace a Spare part Oil Temperature Sensor – a defective one or if the limit of use has been already reached. Find out useful information about Oil Temperature Sensor

Oil temperature sensor is a very important "smart" part of modern cars. It serves to show the exact oil level in the car. As a rule it is placed at the rear part of the oil pan or oil crankcase. Since oil temperature of the operating engine usually differs from the coolant temperature and depends on many factors, you need a temperature sensor to measure it.

You can use several methods to install a new oil temperature sensor. The easiest way to do this in “age” cars is to install the sensor into the threaded hole of the relief fitting. The biggest drawback of such installation is sensor projection below the crankcase. This can cause damage of the sensor on the pits and bumps as even a minimal protection of the sensor is missing.

One of the most common problems is when the dash panel after the engine starts indicates falling pointer of the antifreeze temperature. After a while the pointer is in the middle of the scale, but the pointer of the oil temperature sensor is in a "cold" area. At the same time the level of antifreeze and oil is normal. Car owners tend to think that it is necessary to clean the oil temperature sensor. This may indicate a problem with a particular sensor, but in some cases it is a normal process. The biggest problem that should really alert car owners is giving out sensor errors on the dash panel.

If you are replacing the oil level sensor, as well as other sensors - the level of fuel or oxygen sensor, it is important to find an original car part at a good price. Neither service centres, nor specialty storages can offer you a good proposal. Internet is the only place where you can find necessary car part at the best price direct from the car part maker. You can always count on our help and contact our client department if you need any help.

Oil Temperature Sensor for HONDA ACCORD VII (CL), ROVER 400 (RT) , VOLVO V50 (MW)

Faults of oil temperature sensor
  • mechanical damage;
  • incorrect sensor readings;
  • lack of response.
Symptoms of oil temperature sensor failure
  • error indicator on the instrument panel;
  • engine overheating;
  • excessive pressure in the engine lubrication system;
  • loss of the vehicle maximum power;
  • fuel and oil overconsumption;
  • strange noise while the engine is running.
Causes of oil temperature sensor faults
  • the sensor displacement;
  • the thermistor degradation;
  • use of low quality parts;
  • intense temperature fluctuations;
  • use of low-quality lubricants;
  • low amount or complete lack of lubricant in the system;
  • mechanical damage to the oil sump and related mechanisms.

It is necessary first to test the contact integrity and the the sensor correct position in the system. Then, using a pressure gauge and an ohmmeter, measure key indicators. Oil pressure at low engine speeds should be near the mark of 2 bar. With increasing speeds up to 5000 it can increase up to 6 bar.

The electrical resistance of the item varies as the temperature increases. When the oil temperature is 0 °C, the resistance value should be 5-7 ohms. Maximum available oil temperature is 120 °C. At a higher value the lubricating properties are lost. The sensor resistance value at such oil temperature should be 150-220 ohms.

Checking the oil temperature sensor is performed during general diagnostics of the engine lubrication system. The optimal frequency is every 50 000-70 000 kilometers.

Replacing the oil temperature sensor

Repair of faulty sensor is not carried out due to the thermistor characteristics. Most often, the sensor is located at the bottom of the oil sump, but its exact location is necessary to look in the technical documentation of the vehicle.

First you need to choose the original or completely the same sensor. It is necessary to check that it is the right size. After draining the oil and removing the defective part a new one is installed, and the joints are treated with sealant. Be sure to check the correct wiring connection and its condition.

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