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Headlights LED and Xenon from TYC - original car sparesTYC Headlights bi xenon and halogen - Top quality for a top price
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Reviews of TYC Headlamps
TYC: Brand's rating


7.66 /10

Reviews - 2368

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Parameters rating +8731 Advantages Disadvantages 280-
Product cost +2434 28-
Product quality +2153 43-
Packaging quality +1073 54-
Manufacturer +1327 94-
Warranty +1744 61-
Customer reviews
TYC Front lights 20-12277-05-2 Review

TYC Headlights 20-12277-05-2

please let me know when bumper is available. need one in blue asap Thanks
TYC Front lights 20-6357-15-2 Review

TYC Headlights 20-6357-15-2

I need it, my headlights all steamy. Fast website, good prices
TYC Front lights 20-11917-36-2 Review

TYC Headlights 20-11917-36-2

It looked like it was right for the car, and a good price.
TYC Front lights 20-0967-05-2 Review

TYC Headlights 20-0967-05-2

Make sure you check back of headlight there are two types
TYC Front lights 20-3431-05-2 Review

TYC Headlights 20-3431-05-2

Your advert was clear with good visual descriptions
TYC Front lights 20-5322-08-2 Review

TYC Headlights 20-5322-08-2

it was simple to order and a good price
TYC Front lights 20-0034-05-2 Review

TYC Headlights 20-0034-05-2

as a replacement at a reasonable price
TYC Front lights 20-12943-05-2 Review

TYC Headlights 20-12943-05-2

Economical and accurate description
TYC Front lights 20-1059-05-2 Review

TYC Headlights 20-1059-05-2

it was the best offer chosen.
TYC Front lights 20-14428-05-2 Review

TYC Headlights 20-14428-05-2

Right price and easy to buy
TYC Front lights 20-15045-05-2 Review

TYC Headlights 20-15045-05-2

Thus the one avaliable
TYC Front lights 20-5088-08-2 Review

TYC Headlights 20-5088-08-2

it matches my vehicle
TYC Front lights 20-12931-15-9 Review

TYC Headlights 20-12931-15-9

OEM number matched
TYC Front lights 20-11035-16-2 Review
TYC Front lights 20-14282-05-2 Review
TYC Front lights 20-0307-15-2 Review
TYC Front lights 20-14684-05-2 Review
TYC Front lights 20-5488-08-2 Review
TYC Front lights 20-3204-85-2 Review
TYC Front lights 20-11530-15-2 Review
Headlights bi xenon and halogen from TYC - Top products at reduced prices TYC top categories
  • Wing mirror Wing mirror
  • Glass for wing mirror Glass for wing mirror
  • Rear lights Rear lights
  • Side indicators Side indicators
  • Wing mirror covers Wing mirror covers
  • Engine radiator Engine radiator
  • Heater blower motor Heater blower motor
  • Fog lights Fog lights
  • Number plate light Number plate light
  • Radiator fan Radiator fan
  • Bumper brackets Bumper brackets
  • Headlight leveling motor Headlight leveling motor
  • Rear reflector Rear reflector
  • Third brake light Third brake light
  • Rear fog lights Rear fog lights
  • Daytime running light Daytime running light
  • Position light Position light
  • Headlight lens Headlight lens
  • Reverse light Reverse light

Learn more about TYC headlights

TYC headlights belong to the mid-price segment. They are produced by the Taiwan company TYC Brother Industrial Co.,Ltd; it was established in 1986. Its production is used by many car manufacturers as standard equipment. Ford, GM, HSV, Isuzu, Blue Bird, Daimler Truck, BMW Motorrad, Navistar, Prevost, Ducati, Triumph, MV Agusta,  Kymco, Kawasaki, Sanyang, Suzuki and other large auto concerns are amongst company’s partners.


According to the light source, the following types of parts are distinguished:

  • Halogen. They are inexpensive and have balanced characteristics. Nowadays, they are the most common. But in comparison with other lighting units, they have shorter service life (about 500-1000 hours) and consume more power.
  • Xenon and bi-xenon. They emit brighter and more comfortable lighting for vision. Also, they work three times longer and consume twice less power than the halogen ones. But they get dimmer with time, unlike the latter. Apart from this, such lights cost higher.
  • LED. Their lighting is more natural than that of xenon. They do not require connection of high-voltage circuits. They are known for low power consumption. Their brightness during service life does not decrease, as they are resistant to chemical ageing. TYC headlights lifespan exceeds 10 000 hours, thus they can continuously function throughout the whole car service life. They can be installed instead of the standard halogen lights.

According to the reflector type there are:

  • Reflector. Light of the bulb in such headlights is reflected from the chromed coating of the reflector and shines onto the road. Due to diffusion of the light beam, they lit the roadside well.
  • With lenses.  Firstly, bulb light emitted onto reflector, then redirected to the optic lens and only then – onto the road. Such lights differ by higher light efficiency, better focus the light beam and provide sharper light-and-darkness borderline.

3 facts about TYC headlights

  1. Their design is attractive. They add individuality to the exterior of the car.
  2. Casings and reflectors of the parts are made of high-quality materials, resistant to temperature variations and abrasion. The headlights remain sealed and look neat throughout the whole service life.
  3. The reflector chromed coating do not shatter and burn-out over the time. This helps maintain the brightness of light.

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