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VAN WEZEL Headlights LED and Xenon

Headlights bi xenon and halogen from VAN WEZEL - original car sparesHeadlights VAN WEZEL LED and Xenon
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Reviews of VAN WEZEL Headlight
VAN WEZEL: Brand's rating


7.47 /10

Reviews - 1899

10 (515)
9 (496)
8 (498)
7 (57)
6 (7)
5 (7)
4 (0)
3 (2)
2 (1)
1 (1)
Parameters rating +6307 Advantages Disadvantages 169-
Product cost +1812 23-
Product quality +1579 23-
Packaging quality +747 31-
Manufacturer +920 56-
Warranty +1249 36-
Customer reviews
0159962 Headlights VAN WEZEL review

VAN WEZEL Headlights 0159962

I chose this product because on this website cost less for my ALFA ROMEO 156 jti 2005
1805961 Headlights VAN WEZEL review

VAN WEZEL Headlights 1805961

It seemed to be a reasonable price for a new item compared with Ford @£90
0623962 Headlights VAN WEZEL review

VAN WEZEL Headlights 0623962

perfect, straight fit. Freshened up the front so much! Will use again!
0647966 Headlights VAN WEZEL review

VAN WEZEL Headlights 0647966

I need a left hand German drive headlights for my UK car
3339961 review

Headlight VAN WEZEL 3339961

I need to change my vehicle for driving on the right
5930961 review

Headlight VAN WEZEL 5930961

I need a replacement and yours was best price
5932961 review

Headlight VAN WEZEL 5932961

never buy the cheapest and never the dearest
0710944 review

Headlight VAN WEZEL 0710944

best suited and quality for my requirements
0903961 review

VAN WEZEL 0903961

It fits my French vehicle on French roads
0903962 review

VAN WEZEL 0903962

It fits my French vehicle on French roads
0639961 review

VAN WEZEL 0639961

it seemed to be the cheapest that fitted
0639962 review

VAN WEZEL 0639962

it seemed to be the cheapest that fitted
4933961 review

VAN WEZEL 4933961

Clearly marked right hand drive car
4944962V review

VAN WEZEL 4944962V

It was cheaper than main dealer
4944961V review

VAN WEZEL 4944961V

It was cheaper than main dealer
2916962 review

VAN WEZEL 2916962

0914941 review

VAN WEZEL 0914941

it was in stock
2754961 review

VAN WEZEL 2754961

excellent price
1601985 review

VAN WEZEL 1601985

3018961 review

VAN WEZEL 3018961

I need it

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Learn more about Van Wezel headlights

Van Wezel headlights are produced by Belgian company –  Van Wezel Autoparts. It is a Unipart Group member and one of the leading players on the market of body parts and cooling systems in Europe. The manufacturer’s headquarters is in Belgium; it also has  warehouses and premises in Germany, Austria, the Czech Republic, Holland and Italy, and its produce is worldwide supplied. Company’s spare parts belong to the mid-price segment.


Based on the bulb type used:

  • Halogen. They provide bright luminous flux of 1450-2100 lm. On the average they consume 55-65 w/h. They are affordable. They don’t dim over time. But at the same time, such lights need maintenance: halogen bulbs lifespan is 500-1500 hours.
  • Xenon. They emit light of 2800-3200 lm. They need twice less power for operation then the halogen lights – about 35 W. They light the road better than the halogen lights, but are more expensive, as they require ignitor unit installation. Moreover, xenon lights can dim over time. That is why you should replace them in pairs. Basically, their lifespan varies within 2000-3000 hours.
  • LED. Emitted light is as similar to daylight as possible, while the luminous flux varies within 1000-4000 lm, depending on LEDs quantity. They serve much longer than the others, but have the highest price.

The following reflector types can be installed in Van Wezel headlights:

  • Parabolic. They are used in reflector headlights for old cars. They provide lighting proportionally to the reflector size.
  • Freeform. They are designed with computer simulation. They are divided into a few segments, each of them has its own beam reflection parameters. Such units are the most efficient, provide even lighting and are also used in reflector headlights.
  • Ellipsoidal. They are used in conjunction with the lense. They allow to reduce the headlights’ size at the same time preserving high luminous intensity.

5 facts about Van Wezel headlights

  1. All parts undergo air and vacuum tightness tests. The inner headlight parts, such as the bulb holder, reflector and electric contacts are protected against moisture and dirt.
  2. All Van Wezel headlights are highly resistant to impact and abrasive wear; they do not crack from temperature change.
  3. The lens are made from high-quality polymer materials and do not fade, grow yellow or dim over time. This ensures high-quality lighting and allows the headlights to look neat throughout the whole lifespan.
  4. Technological innovations and optimized design guarantee the utmost luminous efficiency.
  5. The high-quality and durable package prevents parts damaging during transportation. — your online-assistant in the world of spare parts

Contact our specialists to buy Van Wezel headlights at discount. They will select parts taking into account your car technical requirements and help you make an order. You can pay for a product using international payment systems, available on our website.