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ABAKUS Headlights LED and Xenon

Headlights bi xenon and halogen from ABAKUS - original car sparesHeadlights ABAKUS LED and Xenon
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Reviews of ABAKUS Headlight
ABAKUS: Brand's rating


7.55 /10

Reviews - 1639

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Parameters rating +86 Advantages Disadvantages 1-
Product cost +28 -
Product quality +25 1-
Packaging quality +7 -
Manufacturer +9 -
Warranty +17 -
Customer reviews
773-1121R-LDEM6 Headlights ABAKUS review

ABAKUS Headlights 773-1121R-LDEM6

Website is easy to understand, product detail is clear, I have one smashed light frontage though the lights themselves still work but I need both sides to match it up and this product is the best value available:)
223-1123L-LD-E Headlights ABAKUS review

ABAKUS Headlights 223-1123L-LD-E

my item was undamaged and quickly delivered. the team are very responsive to queries and the part is exactly as described no fuss
221-1142L-LD-E Headlights ABAKUS review

ABAKUS Headlights 221-1142L-LD-E

Good Price and my car failed its MOT so needed them desparately, Plus brought the wrong ones from eBay.
665-1114L-LD-EM Headlights ABAKUS review

ABAKUS Headlights 665-1114L-LD-EM

Of the whole selection offered this headlight unit offered the best quality for the price,
661-1113L-LD-E review

Headlight ABAKUS 661-1113L-LD-E

I needed new lights and most other suppliers only had for left hand drive vehicle
661-1113R-LD-E review

Headlight ABAKUS 661-1113R-LD-E

I needed new lights and most other suppliers only had for left hand drive vehicle.
441-1131R-LD-E review

Headlight ABAKUS 441-1131R-LD-E

I trust this supplier. The product will be good, and at the best price available.
120-1101LMLD-EM review

Headlight ABAKUS 120-1101LMLD-EM

i have bought car parts before and been happy with the items and service
431-1179LMLD-EM review


easy to use web site and value for money product
441-1168L-LD-EM review

ABAKUS 441-1168L-LD-EM

I need headlamp...and recommended by a friend
667-1118LMLDEM7 review


It was the cheapest I could find online.
667-1118RMLDEM7 review


It was the cheapest I could find online.
217-1138R-LD-Y review

ABAKUS 217-1138R-LD-Y

my current offside front light is damaged
772-1102R-LD-EM review

ABAKUS 772-1102R-LD-EM

Clear description of product. Good Price
440-1149R-LD-EM review

ABAKUS 440-1149R-LD-EM

It was a great price for the right side
100-1102N-LD-EN review

ABAKUS 100-1102N-LD-EN

it was the same as my Toyota MR2 MK2
441-11B4R-LD-E review


it is the right part for the car
440-1149L-LD-EM review

ABAKUS 440-1149L-LD-EM

Lovely prise for the left side
214-1179L-LD-E1 review

ABAKUS 214-1179L-LD-E1

It is within my price range
444-1119L-LDEMC review


correct spec , good price

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Learn more about ABAKUS headlights

ABAKUS headlights quickly became popular with European car owners, thanks to the high quality and affordable price. All products of the company are manufactured in Poland. It belongs to the budget price segment.


According to type of bulbs there are the following ABAKUS headlights:

  • Halogen. They provide bright and even light beam. They do not get dimmer during service life. They are inexpensive. These lights are the most common. Bulbs in such headlights burn out faster: their average lifespan varies in the range of 500-1500 hours. Moreover, they require special attention during mounting: even the smallest soiling on the glass bulb turns into fouling at heating.
  • Xenon. Their light is brighter and more intense. Colour temperature is as close as possible to daylight. They light up the roadside better than the halogen, consume less power, serve longer and are resistant to temperature variations and vibrations. Do not heat up in operation thus reflector is not flaking. Their average service life is more than 3 000 hours. But the price of such headlights is significantly higher. Moreover, it is prohibited to use them without automatic adjuster and washer.
  • LED.They ensure excellent visibility due to natural lighting, which is similar to daylight.They are able to serve for 25 000 - 30 000 hours. On the average they consume 10 times less power than the xenon. They are expensive. They are replaced in assembly. They are the most efficient in the cars with the adaptive lighting system.

According to a construction the parts can be:

  • Reflector.Light in such headlamp is emitted onto the stepped surface of metalized reflector and redirected to the road through the lens. Their advantages are: simple construction, affordable price and no need for fine adjustment.
  • Lensed.Their structure is different. The light is emitted from the bulb to the reflector and therefrom to the converging lens, forming a powerful light beam with clear edge. Light of lensed headlights is more intense and even.They are expensive, require very fine adjustment and are more complicated in servicing. Usually, xenon bulbs are used as light sources in such headlamps.

3 facts about ABAKUS headlights

  1. Durable housing, high-quality sealsand well-treated seams ensure tightness of parts during the whole service life. Bulbs, sockets and reflector are well protected from dirt and moisture.
  2. Well thought-out location of the ventilation holes prevents sweating of the light in conditions of excessive humidity.
  3. Durable glass of diffuser is resistant to temperature variations and abrasive wear. — your online-helper in the world of spare parts

You can buy ABAKUS headlights at the most profitable price in our online-shop. We guarantee high quality of every spare part and provide significant discounts on all the products. For more information, please contact our specialists.