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Oberland Mangold is a manufacturer of exhaust systems and its components widely-known in Europe. Produces both original car parts and components for the aftermarket. The company’s headquarters are located not far from Garmisch Partenkirchen, Germany. The company’s attention is mainly focused on the developments that are intended to reduce exhaust emissions.

Oberland Car parts
  1. Metal substrates for soot filters and catalytic converters. Using metal materials for their production allowed to make the walls thinner and thus reduce the overall weight of the construction. Metal substrates feature high thermal conductivity coefficient and resistance to mechanical damage, withstand the temperature up to 1200°С. They are integrated into the exhaust system, thus they are easier to install. Can be used in open filters with regeneration ability.
  2. Conversion and retrofitting sets. They can include soot filters with passive regeneration system, oxidative converters, Mini catalytic converters that can improve significantly the quality of exhaust gases filtration performed by the installed catalytic converter.
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Having made up your mind to retrofit your car, you’ll also contribute to environmental protection and manage to save money on taxes: in some countries governance encourage greatly citizens installing more efficient filters and catalysts. In our online store you’ll find a large product range from Oberland Mangold brand. As a rule, they are easy to install with your own hands, so it means that very soon you’ll be driving a retrofitted car. We’ll make sure you get your order as soon as possible. You can contact our specialists about any questions concerning choosing car parts. They’ll not only help you to get the right component but also let you know how to save money.

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