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SACHS is a German trademark of car parts well-known all over the world. The company specializes in the production of clutch elements and shock absorbers for various kinds of vehicles. Today ZF Corporation owns SACHS Company. And SACHS car parts belong to premium class and deliver both original car parts and car spares for the aftermarket. To buy SACHS car parts online, have a look at our online store Buycarparts.co.uk.

The history of SACHS Company

The history of the brand SACHS began in 1895 with the establishment of Schweinfurter Präcisions-Kugellager-Werke Fichtel & Sachs Company. Its founders were Ernst Sachs and Karl Fichtel. In 2001 SACHS company was bought by ZF Friedrichshafen AG Concern.

Originally SACHS plant produced ball bearings. At present the main activity area of the company is manufacturing clutch elements and shock absorbers for autos, freight and passenger transport as well as for farm machinery.

Due to the excellent quality and technical characteristics of SACHS auto parts they are the choice of both car owners and leading automobile manufacturers among which there are BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen Group and so on. Every year over 10 million vehicles equipped with SACHS auto parts roll off the assembly lines.

Under the brand SACHS there are car parts not only for European, but for Asian market as well. In the production sites situated in Europe the company makes car parts for more than 38 million vehicles for various Asian brands.

Car parts by SACHS

  1. Shock Absorbers. They maintain wheel contact with the road surface and minimize vibration during driving and thus, increase the level of comfort and safety. In the wide range of car parts there are aluminium shock absorbers with lightweight structures.
  2. Clutches.They are made of high quality materials and are notable for their durability. As one of the solutions for the problem of early clutch failure SACHS Company offers a clutch pressure plate XTend. It prevents friction pad wear in the process of movement of the diaphragm spring.
  3. Clutch systems.They are famous for their reliability and can fully satisfy ergonomics standards.
  4. Dual mass flywheels. They have the following advantages:
    • isolate engine vibration;
    • reduce the noise level;
    • prevent transmission damage;
    • increase the comfort of gear box;
    • let you to start driving smoothly.
Original top quality, low-priced car parts and spare parts from SACHS SACHS original products bestsellers

SACHS | Shock absorber

SACHS | Strut mount

SACHS | Shock absorber dust cover & bump stops

  • SACHS car parts: Clutch kit Clutch kit
  • SACHS car parts: Coil springs Coil springs
  • SACHS car parts: Clutch flywheel Clutch flywheel
  • SACHS car parts: Clutch release bearing Clutch release bearing
  • SACHS car parts: Clutch master cylinder Clutch master cylinder
  • SACHS car parts: Clutch plate Clutch plate
  • SACHS car parts: Clutch slave cylinder Clutch slave cylinder
  • SACHS car parts: Clutch cable Clutch cable
  • SACHS car parts: Clutch pressure plate Clutch pressure plate
  • SACHS car parts: Steering stabilizer Steering stabilizer
  • SACHS car parts: Fan clutch Fan clutch
  • SACHS car parts: Central slave cylinder clutch Central slave cylinder clutch
  • SACHS car parts: Suspension kit Suspension kit
  • SACHS car parts: Clutch pilot bearing Clutch pilot bearing
  • SACHS car parts: Coil spring seat Coil spring seat
  • SACHS car parts: Gear shifter Gear shifter
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  • Clutch kit
  • Clutch flywheel
  • Clutch release bearing
  • Clutch master cylinder
  • Clutch plate
  • Clutch slave cylinder
  • Clutch cable
  • Clutch pressure plate
  • Central slave cylinder clutch
  • Clutch pilot bearing
Comfort / interior
  • Gear shifter
  • Shock absorber
  • Strut mount
  • Shock absorber dust cover & bump stops
  • Coil springs
  • Suspension kit
  • Coil spring seat
Engine cooling system
  • Fan clutch
  • Steering stabilizer
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Reviews of SACHS
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Customer reviews
Clutch Kit 3000 846 301 Review

Clutch Kit 3000 846 301

Excellent and very transparent website. Easy to order and a company with solid reputation for Quality, Customer service, and fairness in helping customer with their needs. Thank you Buycarparts!!!
Shock Absorber 310 706 Review

Shock Absorber 310 706

Good quality, and correct all steel construction (some make the covers shields in plastic) good bush's and finish coating and a fine ride quality
Shock Absorber 312 267 Review

Shock Absorber 312 267

Am familiar with Sachs as a VAG OEM and have used Sachs parts before. Competitive with the OEM Bilstein B4 and likley to give a better ride
Shock Absorber 313 593 Review

Shock Absorber 313 593

It matches the Honda oem part number and according to fn2 type r forums is exactly the same but far less costly
Clutch Kit 3000 950 064 Review

Clutch Kit 3000 950 064

I chose this product because other manufacturer's clutch did not fit so having to replace with a Sachs!
Shock Absorber 314 125 Review

Shock Absorber 314 125

It replaces original Sachs parts on car. I do not want "after market" parts.
Clutch Kit 3000 950 742 Review

Clutch Kit 3000 950 742

Looked around internet and found this product to be the cheapest out there
Coil Spring 998 451 Review

Coil Spring 998 451

Chose this item because I could confirm it's applicable to my BMW 1series
Dust Cover Kit, shock absorber 900 104 Review

Dust Cover Kit, shock absorber 900 104

investigation indicated this was the matching part of the shock absorber
Coil Spring 994 214 Review

Coil Spring 994 214

This item appeared to match what I needed and at a reasonable cost
Repair Kit, suspension strut 802 417 Review

Repair Kit, suspension strut 802 417

I have used buycarparts before and am happy with their products
Coil Spring 994 946 Review

Coil Spring 994 946

Good information on the website. Including correct part number
Top Strut Mounting 802 271 Review

Top Strut Mounting 802 271

It was recommended by your professional service technicians.
Coil Spring 994 632 Review

Coil Spring 994 632

It is the OEM version of the correct VW part for my vehicle.
Clutch Kit 2290 601 020 Review

Clutch Kit 2290 601 020

its a good price for the complete kit and what i can afford
Shock Absorber 280 709 Review

Shock Absorber 280 709

My Nephew had experienced great results from this make.
Coil Spring 998 692 Review

Coil Spring 998 692

I replaced one coil and was impressed with the quality.
Dust Cover Kit, shock absorber 900 231 Review

Dust Cover Kit, shock absorber 900 231

good webside and clear to read plus big choose of parts
Shock Absorber 315 526 Review

Shock Absorber 315 526

I chose this product because it is reliable and durable
Shock Absorber 314 753 Review

Shock Absorber 314 753

searched internet best price for product make sachs
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